Virtual Terminal

Process gifts from your dashboard

With Virtual Terminal, you can process in-person and over-the-phone donations directly from your Fundraise Up dashboard.
Virtual Terminl

Virtual Terminal features

Tools to help you process donations directly from your dashboard.
Set custom permissions
Enable staff and volunteers to process gifts without accessing donor details or account settings.
Schedule recurring plans
Schedule recurring plans with frequencies ranging from daily to annually and set custom start dates.
Select campaigns
Process donations to any campaign for proper marketing tracking and revenue attribution.
Look up donor details
Search supporter records as you type and easily autofill their contact details in Virtual Terminal.
Show notes
Display call handling notes and processing instructions to team members, staff, or volunteers.
Launch with hotkeys
Tap the T key from anywhere in your Fundraise Up dashboard to launch Virtual Terminal.

Accept donations in person

Turn conversations into conversions. With Virtual Terminal, your team can easily process donations from your front office, at special events, or on the go.
Accept donations in person

Enable over-the-phone giving

Phase-out credit card numbers scribbled on sticky notes. Virtual Terminal is the fast and secure way for your organization to accept donations for callers.
Enable over-the-phone giving

Raise more during telethons

Onboard and empower your call center staff with Virtual Terminal, the donation processing tool that’s quick to learn, easy to use, and built to help you raise more.
Raise more during telethons

Handle high-volume events

Remove the fear factor from big days of giving. Fundraise Up lets you effortlessly process any volume of donations with zero slowdowns or downtime.
Handle high-volume events
Case study

How UNICEF USA increased revenue and recurring donors

See how UNICEF USA increased revenue by 50% using a frictionless donation platform backed by artificial intelligence.
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