Avoid surprises with a straightforward fee structure. No hidden costs, no long-term contracts — just clear pricing that aligns with your success.
No contract required
No monthly fees
No setup fees

Rich in giving, light on fees —
more donation revenue to support your cause

Provide a best-in-class donation experience without a hefty price tag. With no contract, annual or monthly fees, you only pay a percentage of each transaction.
As the majority of donors cover the cost of the transaction fees, this will add up to more donation revenue to support your cause than ever before.

Get every feature in every package and grow revenue without extra costs

Quick start

Set up your account at your own pace with our 24/7 customer support and comprehensive help documentation.
  • Best for organizations processing $300,000 or less in online donations per year
  • No contract fees, no setup costs, no support costs, and access to the entire platform with functionality as it is released
  • 4% fee per donation, plus Stripe or PayPal fee, details below


Tailored for organizations with high-volume processing, offering access to dedicated teams to accelerate your growth.
  • Best for organizations processing more than $300,000 in online donations per year
  • No contract fees, no setup costs, no support costs, and access to the entire platform with functionality as it is released
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The smart way to scale your fundraising without unexpected costs

Our commission-based fee structure means you only pay a small percentage on each transaction, ensuring you get the most out of every donation to support your cause.
No surprises, ever

The only fee you pay is a percentage of donations. You’ll never be charged for support, extra feature, or anything else. It’s all included.

Maximize donations

Encourage generosity with our "cover fees" feature, allowing donors to take on transaction costs. This makes every donation stretch further, directly benefiting your cause.

High conversion rates

Convert more of the visitors on your website to donors with tools proven to double conversion rates, including AI optimizations, elements to grab donor’s attention, and a smooth checkout process.

All-inclusive features

Access our full suite of premium fundraising tools, such as machine learning, campaign pages, and localization, all without additional charges. No tiered plans or feature restrictions — everything you need is at your fingertips.

Fee coverage

On average, organizations using Fundraise Up pay an effective fee of less than 0.5% of each donation because 87% of donors cover all transaction costs (platform and processing).

Quickly get your funds

Simply connect your Stripe account to receive funds. Fundraise Up never holds your funds. All donations are sent quickly.

What’s included

Everything, for all customers. No tiered access. You get it all.

The evolution of the donation form. Checkout increases revenue and improves the donor experience.
Update your nonprofit’s website with pre-built UI components that increase conversion.
Payment methods
Accept donations from cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, and non-cash payment methods.
Engage more donors with the only donation platform built for multi-country fundraising.
Fraud protection
We prevent fraud before it occurs by catching and mitigating malicious activity.
Effortlessly handle high-volume giving on big days like GivingTuesday and December 31 with over 200 transactions processed per second.
Campaign Pages
Create engaging landing pages for your fundraising efforts quickly and easily!
Artificial Intelligence
Increase revenue with Al optimizations that right-size ask amounts and upgrade donors.
Protect your nonprofit, donors, and data with comprehensive security tools and compliances.
Global fundraising
Fundraise from 195 countries in the world with giving tools that engage donors and increase revenue.
Push more than 100+ fundraising and marketing datapoints in real time to the apps in your tech stack.
Fundraise the right way with enterprise compliances that check every box such as ISO 27001, SOC II type 2, PIPEDA and GDPR.

Asked Questions

Why is a fee-based strategy advantageous for nonprofits?
Our fee-based approach ensures your nonprofit enjoys flexibility. Your expenses dynamically align with your fundraising success, making this model perfect for both seasonal initiatives and continuous operations. Plus, there are no charges for monthly or annual subscriptions, and no contract is required!
What are the fees to use Fundraise Up?
A 4% transaction fee and Stripe or PayPal fees are the only fees you’ll have.
Our nonprofit has chapters, can their account be linked to ours?
Yes, in fact you can share a bank account, have separate bank accounts or a combination of both.
How does your platform distinguish itself from competitors?
Our primary focus is enhancing your conversion rates and boosting your fundraising initiatives. Every feature we offer is backed by data to ensure it drives conversions. Enjoy unlimited access to all features and users, a straightforward flat-rate fee, and readily available customer support.
Can you explain how transaction fees work?
Transaction fees are the costs associated with processing payments. Through our partnership with Stripe, we ensure a seamless payment experience, with Stripe charging a minimal fee of 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction. For example, if you get 5 donations a month of $10 each, the fees would be $2 to Fundraise Up and $2.60 to Stripe.
What methods are available for receiving donations?
We support a wide range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, cryptocurrencies, iDEAL, and direct bank transfers, catering to a global donor base. Discover all available payment methods here.
Are there any restrictions on feature usage within your platform?
No limits at all! Empower your fundraising with our high-conversion checkouts, AI-driven optimizations, a variety of global payment methods, and access to hundreds of innovative features, all designed to unlock your donors' generosity without any restrictions. Explore our features here.
Is there a limit to the number of users or donors we can have?
We don't set limits on how many users or donors you can have. Our goal is to help you grow without any barriers.
What type of support can we expect upon signing up?
Comprehensive support is part of the package. Forget about onboarding fees or hourly charges for assistance. Our expert team is here to provide cost-free support, ensuring you have the help you need, when you need it.

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Case study

How Community FoodBank of New Jersey increases annual revenue by 7x

Leveraging customizable donation checkout, Community FoodBank of New Jersey enhances fundraising efficiency and multiplies online revenue.

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Community FoodBank of New Jersey Highlight
Community FoodBank of New Jersey Highlight
Community FoodBank of New Jersey Highlight