Fundraising with AI

Optimize giving and safeguard your nonprofit from fraud with Fundraise Up’s AI-powered tools.

Boost revenue with AI optimizations

Leverage Fundraise Up’s powerful AI technology to personalize the giving experience, reduce fraud, and maximize fundraising efficiency.
Personalize ask amounts
Fundraise Up’s suggested donation amounts are generated using behavioral learnings from millions of donors and are proven to increase both conversion and revenue.
Shield your nonprofit from fraud
AI-powered anti-fraud tools analyze user behavior, network traffic and transaction data to identify and prevent any security issues and costly chargeback fees.
Intelligently prompt fee cost coverage
Designed to increase conversion, adaptive cost coverage is a feature in Checkout that uses AI to determine which donors should be prompted to cover donation fees.
Strategically upsell donors
Boost revenue and donor lifetime value by intelligently prompting one-time donors to upgrade to recurring support at checkout using built-in upsells.

Case study

How World Hope International optimizes the donor experience

Equipped with new ways to engage donors and improvements to back office operations, World Hope International is seeing better-than-ever online fundraising results.

See the case study
World Hope International Case Study
World Hope International Case Study
World Hope International Case Study

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