Identity guidelines

How to include Fundraise Up in your marketing materials.
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Fundraise Up


The provided graphics are the property of Fundraise Up and are protected by intellectual property laws. Please do not modify these files or use our graphics or our name as part of the name of your product, business or service, or combine these graphics with any other graphics without our written consent. Please contact us if you have questions.

Company name

Always refer to the company as “Fundraise Up,” where “Fundraise” and “Up” are separated by a space. The “F” and “U” are always capitalized.


There are three versions of the Fundraise Up logo that you can use in your projects. In most cases, you should use the horizontal version that includes the name of the company.

FundraiseUp logo default
FundraiseUp logo vertical
FundraiseUp logo rounded


Always add space around the Fundraise Up logo when implementing it in your designs. Use the height of the logomark to define the height and width of the space and apply it to the four sides of the logo.

mini FundraiseUp logoFundraiseUp logo layout default
FundraiseUp logo layout vertical
FundraiseUp logo layout rounded

Color treatments

The logo can be implemented using four color treatments. You should use the color treatment that best suits your use case. Do not apply other color treatments.

FundraiseUp logo on white background
FundraiseUp logo on black background
FundraiseUp logo white
FundraiseUp logo black

Brand colors

The Fundraise Up logo is colored using Revenue green and Technology grey. These colors may also be used as accent, background, or text colors.

Revenue green
RGB43 183 123
CMYK73 0 69 0
Pantone2414 U
Technology grey
RGB55 59 70
CMYK97 66 15 66
Pantone5395 U
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