Apple Pay domain verification for Webflow websites

To activate Apple Pay as a payment method, you need to verify the domain where it will be used. If your website is built using Webflow, you can easily complete the verification process from your Webflow account.


  • Administrative access to your Webflow account
  • A Webflow Ecommerce plan
  • Access to your organization’s Stripe account using an account with either the Administrator or Developer role
  • Access to the Fundraise Up Dashboard using an account with the Organization Administrator role


  1. In your Webflow account, select the gear icon from the sidebar to access your account settings.
  2. Select the Ecommerce menu option.
  3. Select the Checkout menu option.
  4. Toggle-on the Enable Checkout option.
  5. Select Stripe as a payment provider.
  6. Authenticate the connection between Webflow and Stripe.
  7. In Webflow, toggle-on the Enable Web Payments option.
  8. Publish your changes.
  9. In the Fundraise Up Dashboard, view the settings for Apple Pay.
  10. Select Verify website ownership.
  11. Add the domain of the website where you want to activate Apple Pay. Include only the base domain (e.g. instead of
    Since you are verifying your website using Webflow, you can skip the “Download verification file” step in the verification window.
  12. Confirm that the verification file is reachable by selecting the URL in the verification window. If the file is reachable, it will either begin downloading or display its contents within your browse
  13. Select Verify ownership.

    The verification window will close and the verified domain will be displayed on the Apple Pay settings page.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay activation

If you encounter problems while activating Apple Pay, refer to these support articles:

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