RedRover levels up digital donor engagement by 300%


increase in monthly recurring donors


donors who cover transaction costs

6 weeks

total onboarding time
Red Rover Case Study

RedRover’s experience with its previous donor management platform left them frustrated and unable to accomplish all of their ambitious fundraising and communications goals.

By switching to Fundraise Up, RedRover radically improved its digital donor experience, increased its monthly donorship by 300%, and unlocked new sources of revenue through a streamlined gifting process.

RedRover radically increased its monthly donorship by 300% with Fundraise Up

About RedRover

RedRover is a national animal welfare nonprofit that focuses on bringing animals out of crisis and strengthening the human-animal bond. They achieve this through programs that provide emergency shelter, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education.

The challenge: a reliable digital donor management system

RedRover was on the hunt for a better way to manage their digital donors

RedRover’s two most significant sources of revenue come from direct mail campaigns and online donations, with each stream bringing in approximately $1M annually.

Erin explains her team went through a couple of digital engagement platforms, each proving more cumbersome than the last. “They all looked good on paper, but when we brought them in-house, they failed to work for us.”

For instance, email imports from RedRover’s list providers overloaded the previous platform, stopping systems in the middle of campaigns without warning. Poor integration with RedRover’s existing tech stack affected their ability to maintain accurate records. And glitches in the system regularly hampered RedRover’s productivity.

It was time to make another big change.

The solution: implementing Fundraise Up for RedRover

Finally, a donation platform that simplifies the giving (and receiving!) process

RedRover knew it needed a donation platform that was easy to use and would improve its digital donor experience.

The minute I saw Fundraise Up, I knew I wanted it. We saw so many opportunities to take our fundraising to the next level. From donation links and buttons to image cards, QR codes, upgrade links, and reminders, we had an amazing new toolbox of capabilities to try.

Speaking of tools: Clients are seeing incredible results with Upgrade Links

Given her previous challenges with donor management tools, Erin expected a difficult migration to Fundraise Up. In reality, it was a breeze.

“I can’t say enough positive things about Fundraise Up, it was by far the best decision we’ve ever made. Launching the platform and migrating recurring donors was seamless. Customer support all along the way was exceptional and the speed at which the team implements new changes is amazing,” says Erin.

From beginning to end, it took just 6 weeks for RedRover to be up and running with Fundraise Up. It felt like I blinked my eyes and it was over. There was an immense amount of relief.
Erin Bialecki
Director of Development and Communications, RedRover
Red Rover Case Study

One of Fundraise Up’s unique value adds is its no upfront cost pricing model, allowing budget-minded nonprofits to stay lean and agile. With no contract requirements, customer onboarding or support costs, RedRover implemented the Fundraise Up platform quickly and within budget.

The platform is also differentiated by its transaction-based approach, which gives digital donors the option to cover associated transaction fees. RedRover enabled the adaptive cost coverage feature first as an opt-in, then eventually as their default donation option. The response from donors was a pleasant surprise.

When we gave donors the ability to opt-in to cover transaction costs, we found that 55% of our donors chose to cover those costs – even large donors who were making significant contributions. Today, data shows that 68% of our donors now cover the cost of transaction fees, resulting in additional revenue that we can put back into services.

The results: a donation management system that delivers

RedRover sees increased revenue, improved efficiency and greater confidence in its digital donor experience

Erin and her team find it much easier to support their fundraising activities now. For instance, they can create scannable unique QR codes that direct supporters to specific RedRover donation forms, a feature that allows them to track how money is flowing into the organization.

With approximately a million dollars in donations flowing through their website, Fundraise Up has given the RedRover team confidence that their digital donation process works flawlessly. This is particularly important given the organization’s partnership with Purina and the Purple Leash Project, RedRover’s fastest-growing campaign, driving significant traffic to the website.

Fundraise Up has given the RedRover team confidence that their digital donation process works flawlessly.

Says Erin, “It brings in as much as our general donation form and has had a positive impact on our monthly donations. Five years ago, we were averaging 700 monthly donors. We just hit 2,900 and our monthly donor income is up drastically.”

Having the right donor platform is only part of the equation. It’s also important to have the right technology partner. In particular, organizations like RedRover require a vendor that shares its values and provides supportive customer service.

We were averaging 700 monthly donors. With Fundraise Up, we just hit 2,900!

After being let down by other vendors, our experience with Fundraise Up has been incredibly positive. From the very beginning, Fundraise Up was amazing in onboarding us. The team is always very responsive. I’ll get a note from them saying “Hey, I noticed that you’re not using this feature. Do you know about this? It could help.” They always seem to be one step ahead of us in their care.

After two years of technology and transitions, Erin can finally breathe a sigh of relief. She has a reliable digital donor management platform that exceeds expectations and allows RedRover to achieve its fundraising objectives.

Says Erin, “Fundraise Up makes it so easy to track donations from so many channels. We can create a new donation form or element in 5 minutes, and it allows us to provide customized content to our donors, increasing their engagement with us, and ultimately raising more money.”

By far the best decision we’ve ever made.

The result

increase in monthly recurring donors
donors who cover transaction costs
6 weeks
total onboarding time
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