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Gain the insights you need to make smarter fundraising decisions, optimize your strategies and transform your organization’s fundraising initiatives.
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Insights Dashboard

Your one–stop solution for efficient, data–oriented decision–making

Get an at-a-glance overview of your fundraising successes with Fundraise Up’s comprehensive Insights Dashboard view.
Insights Dashboard

Ready when you are

The Insights Dashboard gives you instant, easy-to-understand data on how your fundraising is doing, saving you the hassle of putting together reports and data. It's like having a clear, complete view of your success at your fingertips.
Ready when you are

Turn your data into action

Utilize more graphs and detailed data for better data-driven decision-making, strategic planning, and understanding the impact of Fundraise Up on your fundraising efforts.
Turn your data into action

Understand your donors

With intuitive charts, the Insights Dashboard makes it easy to see patterns and trends of donor behavior. This knowledge will help you to improve your campaigns to strengthen your impact.
Understand your donors

Data visualisation

Significantly enhanced charts provide a comprehensive understanding of fundraising activities.
Easily track your fundraising totals over a chosen time frame.
View important data like recurring donation retention, pre- and post-checkout upsell success and more.
Day and time
A heatmap shows contributions by weekdays in your period, identifying optimal campaign launch times.
Get the lowdown on all donations, recurring or otherwise.
Payment Methods
Review all available payment methods.
Discover the most popular causes that are driving donations.
Access statistics on donations from different countries.
Track donations made in tribute to others.
P2P Fundraisers
See which peer-to-peer fundraisers are bringing in donations.

Asked Questions

How does a fundraising dashboard help organizations gather donor analytics?
A fundraising dashboard like the Fundraise Up Insights Dashboard allows organizations to quickly and easily view high-level snapshots of important donor analytics like donor revenue totals and monthly giving plan retention over time. By having these analytics at your fingertips, your team can keep track of fundraising trends for your organization and make informed decisions about nonprofit strategic planning.
How can the Insights Dashboard assist in strategic planning for future fundraising campaigns?
The new Insights tab provides a detailed donor revenue analytics dashboard with data and graphs about donation amounts broken down by various factors, recurring plans retention rates, and other information. This data can be used to understand donation patterns and trends, which can aid in planning and optimizing future fundraising strategies.
What features can I expect from the Insights Dashboard?
The updated Insights Dashboard serves as a centralized fundraising dashboard data hub offering a comprehensive view of your fundraising status. It includes new date filters, a 'how Fundraise Up is boosting your fundraising' block, a heat map of donations by time and day, and various line graphs showing donation amounts by different factors such as frequency, payment method, designation, and country of origin.
How does the Insights Dashboard enhance my ability to make data-driven decisions?
With a more intuitive interface and detailed analytics, the Insights Dashboard allows for trend analysis and better prediction of future fundraising trends. You can monitor seasonal shifts, quarterly changes, and annual growth to make informed adjustments to your fundraising strategies.

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