Enterprise support

Help you don’t have to pay for

No more onboarding fees or pay-by-the-hour support costs. Get help that you don’t have to pay for from people who know you. Because great support is a standard, not a line item.
Enterprise support
Success manager
Get help from someone who knows you and your organization. Your dedicated success manager partners with you year-round to optimize your giving experience, answer questions, and provide account analytics and industry research.
24/7 support
No matter where in the world you work or when, we have people to help you. Troubleshoot, problem-solve, and keep things running smoothly with 24/7 support that you don’t have to pay for.
Solutions engineer
Switching to a new donation platform is a big project, but with Fundraise Up, you get expert help. Your solutions engineer provides an implementation plan, configures your account, and optimizes your website for greater giving.
Product training
Expand your platform knowledge with one-to-one training from a product specialist. Learn new features and get best-practices guidance for using Fundraise Up to optimize giving across all of your channels.
Migration assistance
Move your recurring donors to Fundraise Up to improve retention and increase revenue. Our solutions engineers take care of the heavy lifting and ensure zero disruptions and no loss of revenue during the migration.
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99.9% uptime SLA
Our 99.9% uptime guarantee ensures that your giving experience is online every day of the year. And on big days of giving like GivingTuesday and December 31, we deploy additional resources to give you perfect performance and peace of mind.
Cure International

Over 6,000 migrated
recurring donations

Migrating our recurring donations to Fundraise Up saves time and costs associated with maintaining our legacy system, and eliminating the need for multiple platforms. The experience working with the Fundraise Up team was efficient, positive and professional.
Rupert Schutz
Kevin De Smidt
Head of Technology from CURE International

20% increase
in average donation

The support of the Fundraise Up team was really essential to us. There was also an ease of flexibility in the setup that allowed us to adjust things more rapidly than we ever have been able to do before.
Robyn Bucknam
Robyn Bucknam
Vice President, Digital

85% donor
covered fees

We’ve seen less abandoned checkout, increased monthly donations, increased mobile donations, and increased coverage of transaction fees.
Sandra Fasules
Sandra Fasules
Director, Digital Engagement and Response

22% increase
in online revenue

Fundraise Up understands nonprofits more than other technology solutions do. The team makes everything as turnkey as possible, and our donors benefit from it.
Rupert Schutz
Rupert Schutz
Director of Email Marketing

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