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Fundraise Up’s AI empowers you to meet the donor where they’re at

Offering an industry-leading donor experience that is tailored and personalized has led to organizations more than doubling online revenue and tripling recurring donor acquisition. Fundraise Up uses AI, backed by valuable data unique to the nonprofit industry.

Fundraising with AI improves the donor experience

The holy grail for nonprofits has always been “what is the perfect amount to ask”. Historical data is great, but behavioral data is more indicative of how a donor will respond. We use AI to understand your donor at this exact moment, and optimize touch points across the entire donation experience so that you ask the right amount at the right time.

Suggested donation amounts

Backed by years of valuable and unique data

Fundraise Up has a large, valuable and unique dataset that has been collected from over 80 non-PII data points during the last half a decade. As pioneers of using AI in the donor experience, our platform will always be ahead of others who incorporate AI at a later stage.

Recurring plan upsells

Fundraise Up’s commitment to privacy-first AI

At Fundraise Up, we prioritize privacy-first AI to safeguard donor data. We are proud to be ISO 27001, SOC II Type 2 and PCI certified, and comply with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, Quebec’s Law 25, and the Australian Data Privacy Act, ensuring that our practices meet the highest standards of security and privacy in the industry.

Intelligent charge retries

Maximize fundraising success with Fundraise Up’s AI-powered tools

AI is used throughout Fundraise Up to optimize specific features that help you achieve higher conversion and increased donation amounts. Here are some features where you will see AI at work, and the impact that we’ve seen from these features.

Suggest the optimal donation amount for each donor

When the AI suggested gift amount is enabled, we estimate the average impact to be an additional 10-15% more revenue, and 2x the amount of donor acquisition.

Smart recommendations for covering transaction costs

AI will determine whether asking the donor to cover the transaction costs or leaving it unclicked will result in higher conversion. On average, 87% of donors cover all transaction costs.

Reduce cancellations to retain your donors

Offering options when someone is about to cancel saves 27% of donors who were about to cancel from cancelling. Proactive credit cart updates also help you keep your donors.

Protect your nonprofit from fraud

By using AI, we identify that 1.3% of transactions are fraudulent and are able to successfully block 98.8% of them before they go through Stripe Radar, which saves you fees.

Prevent card declines

Fundraise Up prevents card declines and payment charge backs with intelligent card retries. AI based credit card retries decrease churn rate up to 3%.

Gain more recurring donors

Intelligently prompt one-time donors to upgrade to recurring support at checkout using built-in upgrade prompts. This can result in 2x to 3x more recurring gifts.

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