Global fundraising

Fundraise from any country in the world

With global payment methods, 135+ supported currencies, and language localizations, Fundraise Up offers you the best way to fundraise from any country in the world.
Direct Debit, SEPA, PADs, iDEAL
Gift Aid
GDPR, CRA, PIPEDA compliance
Global fundraising

22 languages & dialects

Support your nonprofit’s home country language and other languages and regional dialects using Fundraise Up’s localization tools. Translations are developed by native speakers, not machines, and can be automatically displayed using customizable rules.
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22 languages & dialects

Country-specific features

With support for features like Gift Aid, Direct Debit, and specific address formats, Fundraise Up helps you provide frictionless donor experiences anywhere in the world. And based on a donor’s location, the platform will automatically show the features that make the most sense.
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Country-specific features

Nonprofit Global Compliance

Fundraise with peace of mind. No matter where you operate, we make sure every regional compliance and local requirement is met, including standards for data governance, donor privacy, and gift receipting.
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135+ supported currencies

Support for 135+ currencies makes it easy to fundraise in any market. And when a donor visits your website from elsewhere in the world, we automatically show donation amounts in their local currency to increase conversion.
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135+ supported currencies

Global payment methods

Accept country-specific payment methods like Direct Debit, SEPA, BECS, and PADs without having to build your own integration. Enable options with one click and see higher conversion and greater revenue from local and international donors.
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Global payment methods
Cure International

Over 6,000 migrated
recurring donations

Migrating our recurring donations to Fundraise Up saves time and costs associated with maintaining our legacy system, and eliminating the need for multiple platforms. The experience working with the Fundraise Up team was efficient, positive and professional.
Rupert Schutz
Kevin De Smidt
Head of Technology from CURE International

20% increase
in average donation

The support of the Fundraise Up team was really essential to us. There was also an ease of flexibility in the setup that allowed us to adjust things more rapidly than we ever have been able to do before.
Robyn Bucknam
Robyn Bucknam
Vice President, Digital

85% donor
covered fees

We’ve seen less abandoned checkout, increased monthly donations, increased mobile donations, and increased coverage of transaction fees.
Sandra Fasules
Sandra Fasules
Director, Digital Engagement and Response

22% increase
in online revenue

Fundraise Up understands nonprofits more than other technology solutions do. The team makes everything as turnkey as possible, and our donors benefit from it.
Rupert Schutz
Rupert Schutz
Director of Email Marketing

Asked Questions

Are my country’s local payment methods available?
Fundraise Up supports all major payment methods including cards, wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency in the U.S. Outside of the U.S., Fundraise Up supports country-specific payment methods like BACS (UK), BECS (Australia), SEPA (EU), PADs (Canada), and iDEAL (Netherlands).

For a full list of supported payment methods, view the Payment Methods page.

Are your donation receipts tax compliant in my country?
Fundraise Up ensures that donation receipts are tax compliant to the extend of the laws governing charitable giving in the country where your nonprofit operates. For donors giving from outside of your nonprofit’s country of operation, we recommend consulting with a tax professional to understand your nonprofit’s requirements for tax compliance.
Do you support languages other than American English?
Yes, Fundraise Up supports more than 22 languages and dialects. Learn more by visiting the Languages & Dialects page.
How can I show donation amounts in a donor’s home currency?
Using geolocation, Fundraise Up automatically displays donation amounts and renders donation receipts in a donor’s local currency.
What if you don’t support a payment method I need?
If your nonprofit is operating in a country where we don’t currently support a local payment method, please let our support team know by emailing

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