Fraud protection

Prevent fraud before it occurs

Fundraise Up safeguards your donor experience against fraud to prevent costly chargebacks and dings to your Stripe account reputation.
Fraud protection

Advanced anti-fraud tools

Using machine learning and human review, we detect and mitigate fraud before it happens.
Behavior analysis
Using machine learning, we detect suspicious behavior based on website traffic and transactional data patterns.
Country matching
We analyze multiple cardholder data points including billing address and issuing bank location, and check them against a website visitor`s geolocation to help confirm the cardholder`s identity.
Proxy detection
Our advanced fraud protection tools flag transactions for review by our fraud prevention team when someone uses a proxy to make a donation on your website.
Country flagging
Some countries have high fraud rates. When a transaction originates from one of these countries, we flag it for review by our team.
Human review
If a transaction fails or is flagged for fraud, someone from Fundraise Up’s fraud prevention team reviews the transaction to determine whether it should be processed or blocked.
Proprietary AI
We use a propriety fraud detection AI that analyzes device characteristics and activity indicators for millions of transactions to signal and neutralize fraud before it occurs.


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