Protect donors and your data

Fundraise with peace of mind thanks to comprehensive security tools and compliances that protect your nonprofit, your donors, and your data.
Protect donors and your data

Security compliances

SOC II type 2
SOC II compliance ensures that Fundraise Up adheres to stringent security practices to provide protection for your nonprofit’s data.
ISO 27001
ISO 27001 compliance ensures that Fundraise Up has proper safeguards in place as part of its information security management system.
PCI DSS Level 1
PCI DSS Level 1 compliance ensures that Fundraise Up meets security control requirements to protect your donor’s transactional data.


Fundraise Up encrypts its network traffic using 256-bit encryption ensuring that your organization and your donors are protected from brute force network attacks.

Data security

Fundraise Up adheres to the strictest security protocols and compliances to eliminate risk for your nonprofit and donors.

Tokenized payments

Fundraise Up processes transactions directly through Stripe as tokenized payments, ensuring that sensitive payment details are never exposed.

Global infrastructure

Fundraise Up eliminates the danger of single-point attacks and ensures 24/7 platform operability by distributing its platform across a global network.

Secure backups

Bank-level data protections provide 99.9% uptime year-round and ensure platform redundancy so that your account is always online and your data is secured.

Instantly scalable

Fundraise Up’s instantly scalable architecture ensures that the platform can automatically handle real-time processing for up to 200 transactions per second.

Penetration testing

Regular network penetration testing checks for network exploits and platform vulnerabilities, enabling us to enhance security and provide you with peace of mind.

DDoS Protection

Using AI-enhanced network traffic monitoring, Fundraise Up can quickly detect and eliminate suspicious activity, protecting your nonprofit’s online fundraising tools from crippling attacks.
Protect your nonprofit from fraudulent activity

Protect your nonprofit from fraudulent activity

Fundraise Up provides bank-level protection that prevents attacks and reduces payment disputes.
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