Get an at-a-glance overview of your fundraising successes with Fundraise Up’s comprehensive Insights view.

The Insights tab offers a multitude of detailed statistics and data visualizations that provide key launchpads to help you optimize your fundraising strategies. From comparing various time periods and monitoring cost coverage rates to gaining insights into donation patterns, the Insights tab serves as your comprehensive tool for supporting your organization’s data-driven decision-making.

This new version of Insights is currently available in early access. To explore the enhanced features and access more comprehensive data, simply click on the “Get early access to enhanced Insights with more data” button.


To refine the data that populates the graphs in Insights, use the filters at the top of the page. You can filter by Date, Account, Campaign, Designation, Source and Frequency.

Date Range

By default, Insights will display data from the last month. You can modify this date range by selecting specific dates on the calendar or by selecting options like Yesterday, This week, This year, etc. The selected dates are inclusive, running from 12:00 midnight on the selected start date through 11:59 pm on the selected end date, as per your organization’s default timezone.


Accounts with subaccounts will see the additional option to filter by account. Specify whether you want to see data for All Accounts, a specific account, or a set of accounts using the multiselect checkboxes.


This will allow you to filter to see data by Campaign(s). You can search for and select Campaigns by name, code, or Campaign ID. Archived campaigns will show up in gray with an archive box icon next to their name.


Filter by any of your organization’s Designations to see which causes are bringing in more donations. You can select or search for individual designations by name, code, or ID.


By default, donations will be included from all sources. You can opt to only view data on donations from any one or combination of the following sources:

  • All sources
  • Checkout modal: see donations from the Checkout modal that opens as an overlay on your organization’s website.
  • Campaign Page: see donations from across all of your hosted Campaign Pages.
  • Virtual Terminal: see donations added manually through the Virtual Terminal.
  • P2P Fundraiser: see donations made via any P2P fundraiser.
  • Recurring migration: see donations that come from recurring plans that you migrated over to Fundraise Up.


Filter data by donation frequency type. You choose any one or combination of the following:

  • All donations
  • One-time
  • Recurring: see all donations that are part of a recurring plan.
  • Recurring (first installments): this allows you to see donations that are the first installment of a new recurring plan.
  • Recurring (next installments): see donations that are continuing installments (2nd installment or later) of an existing recurring plan.


Get instant visualizations of all your key fundraising data, from amounts raised, to donor channels, to payment methods and much more.


See how much you’ve raised in a specific time period, and compare it to another time frame.

The blue line shows how much was raised in the time period you chose in the filters at the top of the Insights view.

Use the Compared to dropdown options to compare the funds raised in your chosen time period to another time period. Funds raise in the time period you’re comparing to will appear as a gray line on the graph. You can compare to:

  • date picker - eg for comparing March of this year to October of last year.
  • previous period: the same period of time preceding your chosen time period. For example, if you chose the last 45 days in the date picker, you’ll see a gray comparison line showing the 45 days before those.
  • a month ago
  • a quarter ago
  • a year ago
  • no comparison
This graph is not affected by the frequency filter.


This section gives you an overview of what Fundraise Up’s unique features are doing to boost your revenue.

Saved recurring plans 

The total number of unique recurring plans that have been saved after supporters initiated the cancellation process, but then chose either to change the amount or to skip installments.

The data shown here is not affected by the frequency filter.

Pre-donation upsell 

The amount converted from one-time donations to recurring plans via the Pre-donation upsell feature, in annual terms. This is extrapolated from the data for the chosen time period in the filters.

The data shown here is not affected by the source or frequency filters.

Post-donation upsell 

The amount of new recurring plans acquired through the Post-donation Upsell feature, in annual terms. This is extrapolated from the data for the chosen time period in the filters.

The data shown here is not affected by the source or frequency filters.

Covered costs 

The effectiveness of the Adaptive Cost Coverage feature by illustrating the percentage of covered fees. If you select only the Virtual Terminal in the Source filter, only the percentage of covered transaction costs will be displayed. No data is displayed here if only Recurring migration is selected as a source.

Fraud prevented

The number of fraudulent payments detected and prevented during your chosen timeframe.

The data shown here is not affected by the source, frequency or designation filters.

Mobile users 

The percentage of donations that were made from a mobile device (phone or tablet) including recurring plans first created. Note that this data will not be displayed if only ‘Virtual Terminal’ and/or ‘recurring migration’ are selected as sources in the filters. Likewise, if only ‘Recurring (next installments)’ has been chosen in the frequency filter, no data will be displayed.

Day And Time

See a heat map that visualizes all donations made by day and time, as per your organization’s chosen time zone. Data is aggregated by hour.

Darker shades of blue indicate more donation-dense time periods. This graph uses the average data for each day and time from across your selected time period. To see exact statistics from the past week, therefore, choose ‘Last 7 days’ in the date picker. Hover over a cell to see exactly figures on how much was raised, and from how many donations, at certain times and on certain days.

Predefined filters:

Line graphs

See a detailed representation of fundraising data across various donation parameters. It offers a comprehensive visual overview of trends and patterns over time. In addition to the visual presentation, the line charts include corresponding tables that offer a structured breakdown of the information, enabling users to explore specific data points and metrics in detail.

You can remove lines by clicking on the corresponding label in the data table. This allows for a customizable view of the chart, enabling the user to focus on specific data lines of interest.


See the amount donated to your organization by frequency.

This graph is not affected by the frequency filter.

Payment Methods

View the amount donated via each payment method.


See which designations your supporters are choosing to donate to most. Only designations that existed at some point during your selected time period will be shown.


See your donations by country of origin.


See how much was donated as tribute donations, and see which type of tribute was most commonly selected.

P2P Fundraisers

View donations by the P2P fundraiser they were donated to. Only P2P Fundraisers that existed at some point during your selected time period will be shown. Only the top 10 best-performing fundraisers will appear on the graph.

This graph is not affected by the frequency and source filters.


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