Get to know P2P Fundraisers, a feature that makes it easy for supporters to fundraise for your organization

The P2P view in the Fundraise Up Dashboard displays a list of Fundraisers that have been created by supporters or users. You can use the view to create or manage Fundraisers.

Search and filters

The P2P view includes search and filtering tools. You can use the search to look up a Fundraiser by its name.

There are four typical filters in the P2P view, which are described below:

  • Campaign: Filter by the campaign that the Fundraiser is associated with.
  • Element: Filter by the Elements component used to create a P2P Fundraiser.
  • Source: Filter by the source that created a P2P Fundraiser. Options: Website, Dashboard. You can use this filter to determine which fundraisers are created organically by supporters and directly by your organization’s team members.
  • Status: Filter by the status of a Fundraiser. Options: Active, Paused.

If the Subaccounts feature is enabled for your account, an addition Account filter is displayed. This filter is used to display Fundraisers created by all or some of your organization’s accounts.

Table view

The table view displays a list of all created P2P Fundraisers and includes details and statistics about each fundraiser. The properties displayed in the table are described below.

  • Account (shown when Subaccounts is enabled): Displays the account that the Fundraiser was created for.
  • Campaign: The campaign associated with the P2P Fundraiser.
  • Fundraiser: The name of the fundraiser based on the Display name value configured by the supporter that created the Fundraiser.
  • Goal: The P2P Fundraiser’s goal amount, which is configured by the supporter who created the fundraiser.
  • Raised: The raised-to-date amount for the P2P Fundraiser.
  • Created: The date that a P2P Fundraiser was created by a supporter.
  • Goal date: The goal date for the P2P Fundraiser as configured by the supporter who created the fundraiser.
  • Statistics: The conversion data for a P2P Fundraiser, displayed as unique views and number of donations.

Creating a Fundraiser

In most cases, a supporter creates a P2P Fundraiser using the P2P Button or P2P Link components from the Elements library. These components are typically integrated into your organization’s website.

However, it is also possible to create a P2P Fundraiser from within the Fundraise Up Dashboard. This approach is useful when a supporter needs help creating a fundraiser, or if you are creating fundraisers on behalf of board members, corporate sponsors, or other groups.

To create a P2P Fundraiser, navigate to the P2P view in the Fundraise Up Dashboard and select New P2P Fundraiser.

Currently, it's not possible to create a P2P fundraiser for campaigns that have enabled crypto and/or stock payment methods.

Campaign configuration

Some settings for configuring P2P-oriented campaigns are managed at the campaign level. Review these settings as part of your P2P deployment.

Elements components

The Elements library includes several P2P-specific components. Add these components to your organization’s website to engage supporters with P2P fundraising.


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