Troubleshooting integration settings

There’s a few reasons why you might not be shown your integration settings in Fundraise Up, most of which are related to our permissions towards that CRM’s accounts.

For example, if the integration works by using a connected user account for that CRM, and the account that's associated to your CRM instance has had access removed or has been deleted/archived, Fundraise Up will no longer have an active connection with the CRM and will not be able to display data.

Similarly, some integrations use API keys. If the API key associated with our connection is revoked, we won’t be able to display your integration settings anymore as our permission to pull from the CRM what your integration mapping options are will have been revoked.

In cases like these, you may see an error 404 code. If this is the case, you can restore access either by restoring the account/API key to active status, or by contacting us for assistance with disconnecting and reconnecting the integration.

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