Fundraise Up


We connect with your CRM, Google Analytics, PayPal, Stripe, and more using our own powerful JS API.

CRM Integrations

Your donation data is automatically synced after each donation. See supporter information, one time and recurring donation details, donation status, refunds, and failed donations - all in real time.

Zapier Integrations

Leverage our Zapier connection for technology integrations we have yet to build out. You'll have 6 Zapier trigger events for new and updated donations, supporters, and recurring plans.

Analytic Platforms

Take full advantage of our analytics integrations. Get full visibility into donor activity and event-based tracking in your Analytics platform. You can even create your own Javascript events for additional insight and testing purposes.

Payment Gateways

Accept all popular payment methods including all major credit and debit cards, Click To Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and ACH.

Employee Matching

Encourage your donors to take advantage of their employer's donation-matching program. Our integrated tool enables donors to easily find their employer and extend their impact.



Use our robust API to leverage the power of the Fundraise Up platform with your systems.
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