Where to watch the Uncharitable movie

Nov 30, 2023
Nic Miller
Senior Director of Marketing

Uncharitable is a gripping documentary film that dives deep into the world of philanthropy and charity. Based on the provocative book of the same name by Dan Pallotta, the film challenges our preconceived notions about how charities should operate and raises important questions about the true impact of our giving.

Pallotta is a renowned speaker and author who has dedicated his career to revolutionizing the nonprofit sector. In Uncharitable, he argues that the way we think about charity is dead wrong. He believes that society's nonprofit ethic acts as a strict regulatory mechanism on the natural economic law. It creates an economic apartheid that denies the nonprofit sector critical tools and permissions that the for-profit sector is allowed to use without restraint.

The film is a must-watch for anyone involved in or interested in the nonprofit sector. It's thought-provoking, challenging, and might just change the way you think about giving.

Who should watch Uncharitable

Uncharitable is a must-watch for anyone involved in the nonprofit sector, including charity workers, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs. It's also highly recommended for individuals interested in social issues or those who donate to charities and want to understand more about the sector's inner workings. Furthermore, educators and students studying social sciences might find the documentary insightful and thought-provoking. Lastly, leaders and policymakers who can influence the regulations surrounding nonprofits could benefit from the film's perspective.

Why you should watch Uncharitable

Uncharitable offers a fresh perspective on philanthropy and the nonprofit sector, challenging the conventional wisdom that often governs our thinking about charity and giving. By watching Uncharitable, you will gain a deeper understanding of the constraints and challenges that charities face and how our current mindset can hinder their growth and impact. Whether you're a donor, a nonprofit worker, or simply someone interested in social issues, this film will provide you with valuable insights and may inspire you to rethink your approach to giving and social change.

How to watch Uncharitable

You can watch Uncharitable in theaters or through online streaming presented by Fundraise Up. To start watching, simply register using the link provided below.

In theaters

Uncharitable is screening in select theaters across the country. Viewers are encouraged to check their local cinema listings for showtimes and ticket availability.

Online streaming

We are thrilled to announce that Fundraise Up is now streaming Uncharitable online for free. Register to watch the film and join the conversation about the future of philanthropy.

Don’t wait to watch the film — Uncharitable is streaming now through December 31, 2023.

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Uncharitable explores the prejudices hampering nonprofit progress and how to encourage more giving.
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