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Sync Fundraise Up with Salesforce for a fast, reliable, and powerful integration between your two databases. No technical setup required.

Advanced data mapping

Sync 100+ datapoints to the fields, properties, and objects you use in your database.
designation name
payment method
payment method
supporter phone
phone number
supporter address
static value
online donation
donation type
UTM parameter

Sync to your database

Automatic or manual syncing
100+ data points available to sync
Works with your existing Salesforce database structure
Advanced mapping rules
Works with Salesforce matching and duplicate rules
Cure International

Over 6,000 migrated
recurring donations

Migrating our recurring donations to Fundraise Up saves time and costs associated with maintaining our legacy system, and eliminating the need for multiple platforms. The experience working with the Fundraise Up team was efficient, positive and professional.
Rupert Schutz
Kevin De Smidt
Head of Technology from CURE International

20% increase
in average donation

The support of the Fundraise Up team was really essential to us. There was also an ease of flexibility in the setup that allowed us to adjust things more rapidly than we ever have been able to do before.
Robyn Bucknam
Robyn Bucknam
Vice President, Digital

85% donor
covered fees

We’ve seen less abandoned checkout, increased monthly donations, increased mobile donations, and increased coverage of transaction fees.
Sandra Fasules
Sandra Fasules
Director, Digital Engagement and Response

22% increase
in online revenue

Fundraise Up understands nonprofits more than other technology solutions do. The team makes everything as turnkey as possible, and our donors benefit from it.
Rupert Schutz
Rupert Schutz
Director of Email Marketing

Data export

Take your data management beyond native integration by leveraging data exports to provide your teams with fundraising data in any format, at any time, delivered to any destination.
Explore Data exports

Asked Questions

How much does the Salesforce integration cost?
Nothing, our Salesforce integration is available to you at no cost.
Do I need to have the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack?
No, the Salesforce NPSP is not required to connect Fundraise Up to your Salesforce account though we fully support NPSP-specific features.
Do I need to be a developer to use the Salesforce integration?
No, you do not need to be a developer. Setting up the Salesforce integration is easy, code-free, and takes just minutes to complete.
What data do you sync to Salesforce?
Any Fundraise Up field can be synced to Salesforce. Data points that are collected but don’t have a default field in Salesforce can be mapped to a custom field in your Salesforce.
How do you match transactions to contacts in Salesforce?
Fundraise Up uses Salesforce’s duplicate and matching rules settings to find a matching Contact record when a transaction is recorded. These settings can be further customized in Salesforce to fit your organization’s needs, and if no Contact exists Fundraise Up will create a new Contact record.

Case study

MAP sees immediate results after switching to Fundraise Up

Within three months of making the move, MAP International’s improved donor experience produced higher gift averages, more donors, and greater revenue.

See the case study
MAP International Case Study
MAP International Case Study
MAP International Case Study