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Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

Quick to configure, fast to launch, and free to use.

Quickly and Easily Engage Your Donors as Fundraisers

Our P2P feature makes engaging your donors as fundraisers quick and easy. Use P2P to grow grassroots support for your cause and connect with new communities of supporters.

Easily Add P2P to Your Website

Add P2P Button and Top Fundraisers Elements to your website to engage donors as fundraisers.

Share, Track, Thank, Repeat

Every donor running a P2P Fundraiser gets access to an interactive dashboard to track and manage their Fundraiser. A roster of Fundraiser supporters makes it easy for your donor to say, "thanks!"
Sharing tools let your donors quickly send their Fundraiser link to their contacts in an email or on social media.

Automated Emails to Track Progress and Celebrate Success

Keep donors up to date with their Fundraiser's progress and let them know when they reach their fundraising goal. Customize the emails with your branding and we'll take care of the rest.

Track and Manage P2P Fundraisers

Keep tabs on your donors' Fundraisers, update Fundraiser settings, and track Fundraiser conversion stats. You can even launch Fundraisers on behalf of your donors.

The Best Part, It's Free

Say goodbye to add-on pricing and transaction upcharges. P2P from Fundraise Up is free to use and is available for all customers without additional transaction fees.
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