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Recurring Donor Migrations

Move your recurring donors to Fundraise Up for free.

Fast, Easy, and Free.

Fast Turnaround

Save time when you move your recurring donors to Fundraise Up in days, not months.

1-to-1 Assistance

Migrate your donors with ease thanks to help from a dedicated migration specialist.

$0 Fee

Make the move without footing the bill. Fundraise Up's recurring donor migration service is free.

No Downtime

Move your recurring donors to Fundraise Up with zero downtime and little to no impact on your donors.

Centralize Your Donors

Say goodbye to managing separate platforms for one-time and monthly donors. With Fundraise Up, all of your donors are in one place.

Donor Portal

Save time and effort with Donor Portal, a free, self-service donation management dashboard for every donor.

Best-in-Class Repair Program for Failed Donations

Expired credit cards or other unattended details won’t interrupt donations. Our automatic monitoring keeps the revenue flowing.

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