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Recurring Giving

Let our automated solutions help grow your recurring donation program—and add more stability to your day-to-day funding.

Recurring Giving

Promote monthly giving from the start. Our strategic prompt encourages donors to select monthly donations—and maximizes their support.

AI-Powered Suggested Amounts

Powered by machine learning, we allow you to automatically suggest targeted giving amounts that are just right for your donor.

Promote Recurring Giving

Convert one time donors to monthly with an optional step and increase your monthly donations up to 10%.

State-of-Art Branded Donor Portal

Save time with your customized self-serve donor portal. Let donors manage any updates—and keep them involved.

We Help You Retain Donors and Decrease Churn Rate

Best-in-Class Repair Program for Failed Donations

Expired credit cards or other unattended details won’t interrupt donations. Our automatic monitoring keeps the revenue flowing.
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