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Automated Emails

You create the customized message with our easy-to-edit templates. We automatically email based on fundraising and donor activity.

Email Collection for Every Action

Simple, straightforward and flexible, you can customize emails for each campaign

One Time Donation Receipt

Sent after successful one time donation with official donation receipt attached as PDF.

One Time Donation Refund

Sent after donation has been canceled or charged back.

One Time Donation Failed

Sent to donor if donation fails.

Recurring Donation Receipt

A PDF of official donation receipt sent after initial successful donation is made.

Recurring Donation Installment Receipt

A PDF of official donation receipt sent after each successful donation is made.

Recurring Donation Scheduled

Sent when a recurring plan is made with a future Start Date either via upsell or Virtual Terminal.

Recurring Donation Cancelled

Sent after recurring donation has been cancelled.

Recurring Donation Failed

Sent after recurring donation failed.


Sent after initial successful donation when donor selects e-card option.

Tribute Reminder

Sent to the donor if their donation included a tribute.

Bank Verification

Sent after donation is completed and Stripe has made deposits to verify bank account.

Bank Verification Instructions

Sent 2 days after Stripe has made a verification deposit.

Bank Verification Reminder

Sent every 4 days until the donor's bank account is verified.

P2P Fundraiser Started

Sent to the supporter when their new P2P Fundraiser is created.

Donation Via P2P Fundraiser Received

Sent to the supporter when a donation is made to their P2P Fundraiser.

P2P Goal Reached

Sent to the Supporter when their P2P Fundraiser’s goal is reached.

Customizable Templates

Our user-friendly email editor lets you add text, images, links, and more to beautifully align with your brand—no HTML knowledge required!

PDF Receipt

Easy to print or save for recordkeeping, PDF receipt is an official tax—deductible receipt automatically issued to the donor after each successful donation. Add a customized message and signature for additional impact.

Track Emails

Track every email sent to your donor and see if and when your donor read it.

Resend Any Email

Resend any email to new or old addresses. Great for lost receipts!

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