Impact Descriptions: connecting donors to your cause

Feb 27, 2024
Ashley Montgomery
Content Marketing Manager

Donors know that their gifts make a difference, but sometimes that difference can feel a little abstract. We’re here to bridge that gap, bringing donors even closer to the causes they care about.

Introducing Impact Descriptions – a brand new feature to Fundraise Up’s Checkout modal and Campaign Pages. Now nonprofit organizations can show donors just what their monetary contributions are going to support. Let’s talk about it!

So, what are Impact Descriptions?

They’re customizable messages that share exactly what donor gifts are going toward. Take the example above us – a $25 donation provides 3 families with water filters while a $50 donation trains a local sanitation expert.

Descriptions like these help donors understand the powerful ways they can support causes, projects and initiatives within a nonprofit. And the best part, Impact Descriptions are totally personalized to your specific fundraising needs. For example:

An education-focused nonprofit may write an Impact Description similar to this: $20 can provide study materials for two students for a month.
An animal welfare organization could write an Impact Description such as this: $50 can sponsor a foster dog while they’re waiting for adoption.
A humanitarian nonprofit may write an Impact Description like this one: $100 can help provide clean drinking water to a family for six months.

And there’s more! AI and Localization

Not only can you manually customize up to 50 donation amounts and impact descriptions, you can automate the process using AI. After you write at least 6 impact descriptions, AI can handle the rest, giving you exponential ways to connect with donors.

The integration of AI in Impact Descriptions allows our platform to do more than just display engaging messages. AI-driven suggestions optimize conversion rates and encourage greater generosity based on the organization's data and donor behavior.

By leveraging AI, Impact Descriptions provide an advanced, personalized experience that cultivates a robust bond between donors and organizations.

And for organizations with a global cause, Localization allows you to write Impact Descriptions in any language.

Localization of Impact Descriptions is a powerful feature for global organizations since it allows them to tailor their message to resonate with donors from different backgrounds.

By writing Impact Descriptions in multiple languages, organizations can effectively communicate the significance of a donation's impact in a culturally relevant and easily understood way by the local audience.

Try it out: Explore Impact Descriptions in this interactive demo

Setting up Impact Descriptions

Remember when we mentioned that each impact description is customizable? For every suggested amount you offer in your Checkout portal, you can add a specific Impact Description.

Here’s the impactful part – getting to directly share the causes, projects and initiatives that are most pressing to your organization! By adding a description of the impact a donation may have, you'll inspire your contributors to give even more generously.

After selecting a Campaign or Checkout Modal in your account, go to Settings then Suggested Amounts. You’ll see a check box to ENABLE impact descriptions. From there, you can adjust Suggested Amounts and add Impact Descriptions to each amount. Voila! It’s that simple to elevate the donor experience.

How-to: Get the details on set-up with this guide

Impact Descriptions – improving the chances of donations

Impact descriptions help your nonprofit tell its story better. They’re a powerful tool for enhancing donor engagement and increasing the likelihood of contributions. By integrating them into your donation form, you provide potential donors with a clear understanding of how their donations will be used. Now you can align your mission statement and calls-to-action all the way to that final, critical step – the donation form.

Explore a demo: Try the Impact Descriptions feature

Impact Descriptions empower nonprofits to show the tangible impact of donor generosity, creating a more meaningful and fulfilling donation experience. By leveraging AI and providing seamless integration with campaigns and donation forms, we’re working to revolutionize the way organizations connect with their donors — one impactful message at a time.

About Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up is a technology company unlocking the world’s generosity potential by optimizing how people give. Our donation platform helps nonprofits engage more supporters and grow revenue by providing easy ways to increase conversion, enable modern payment methods, and personalize the giving experience for every donor. Fundraise Up is the partner of choice for UNICEF USA, The Salvation Army UK, American Heart Association, and other impactful organizations across the globe.

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