Suggested amounts

Choose what donation amounts to suggest to your donors in Checkout, or enable our AI-powered suggested amounts.

The Suggested Amounts section of your Checkout settings allows you to customize donation amount presets and use personalized suggested amounts to maximize your fundraising efforts.

Donation frequency tabs

You'll see either one or two tabs: one tab for each donation frequency you've enabled for this Checkout. You can configure suggested amounts for different frequencies (e.g. to set higher values for one-time donations, but lower values for monthly donations).

Default Donation Amounts

Set the default donation amount for each of your chosen donation frequencies. This amount will be pre-selected when a donor opens the donation widget.

Suggested Donation Amount Presets

List six suggested donation amounts to offer a range of options for your donors. Providing a variety of amounts ensures that donors with different financial capacities feel included and encouraged to contribute.

Personalized Suggested Amounts

Enable our AI-powered "Use personalized suggested amounts" feature to find the best suggested amounts for each donor, and boost revenue. When this option is enabled, Fundraise Up's system learns from your donors and suggests suitable donation amounts designed specifically for each individual donor. This feature helps avoid the issue of only being able to present 6 suggested amounts to donors who may have vast disparities in giving potential.