Suggested amounts

Choose what donation amounts to suggest to your supporters, or enable our AI-powered suggested amounts.

The Suggested amounts section of your Campaign settings allows you to customize donation amount presets, add impact descriptions to tell supporters how you’ll use their contributions, and enable personalized suggested amounts to maximize your fundraising efforts.

Default and suggested donation amounts

Donation frequencies

You'll see a tab for each donation frequency you've enabled for this Campaign. This allows you to configure different default and suggested amounts for different frequencies (e.g. to set higher values for one-time donations, but lower values for monthly donations).

Default donation amounts

Set the default donation amount for each of your chosen donation frequencies. This amount will be pre-selected when a supporter opens the donation widget.

Suggested donation amounts

If you don’t want to enable our AI-powered suggested amounts (explained in more detail at the end of this article), you can choose your own six suggested donation amounts that will be shown to your supporters. Provide a variety of amounts to ensure that supporters in a variety of financial circumstances feel included and encouraged to contribute.

Impact descriptions

Impact descriptions — explanations for supporters of how their donation might be used — are proven to boost conversion and average donation amounts. They’re also a powerful tool for storytelling, and help you extend your fundraising campaign messages right into the Checkout form.

For a visual overview of how Impact descriptions work, see the interactive demo of our Impact descriptions

Your impact descriptions will appear both on Checkout modals and Campaign Pages — whichever you have enabled for this campaign. They will also appear in any Donation Form Elements linked to this campaign.

Impact descriptions and frequencies

Impact descriptions are always specific to both of your enabled frequencies. For example, if you enable One-time and Monthly as the two frequencies for your campaign, you will need to add separate descriptions for each of the two frequencies. If you only add descriptions for one of the frequencies, impact descriptions will only be shown for that frequency.

Once your texts are saved, they will be retained even if you later disable and then reactivate impact descriptions.

Localizing impact descriptions

You can add impact descriptions for each language enabled in your campaign’s localization settings by going to the Localization section of your campaign settings. Learn more →

Personalized suggested amounts

We recommend enabling our AI-powered Use personalized suggested amounts feature to find the best suggested amounts for each supporter, and thereby boost overall revenue. When this option is enabled, Fundraise Up's system learns from your supporters and suggests suitable donation amounts designed specifically for each individual supporter. This feature helps avoid the issue of only being able to present 6 suggested amounts to supporters who may have vast disparities in giving potential.

Using impact descriptions with personalized suggested amounts

If Use personalized suggested options and impact descriptions are both enabled, you must add a minimum of 6 impact descriptions for 6 donation amounts in order for the AI to work.

Our AI will then pick 3 suggested amounts — namely, those that best suit each supporter’s giving potential — out of the amounts for which you’ve added a description, and show those 3 amounts alongside the corresponding impact hint.

You can add up to 50 donation amounts and their impact descriptions. We recommend adding as many as possible, as this gives our AI a wider range to pick from when choosing which amounts to suggest to supporters.

If you don’t want to enable personalized suggested amounts, just enter the 3 amounts you’ll suggest to all your supporters and include impact descriptions. These 3 amounts and their impact descriptions will be shown to every supporter.


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