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Jun 3, 2024
Ashley Montgomery
Content Marketing Manager

No-code fundraising landing pages that you can publish in minutes? It’s possible with Fundraise Up’s Campaign Pages! Nonprofits can easily create and configure donation-optimized pages in just minutes, saving valuable time, effort, and resources.

Even better, nonprofits who use Campaign Pages see high conversion rates, better donor engagement and more successful online fundraising initiatives. Plus, every Campaign Page you create renders perfectly across mobile and desktop devices. It’s designed to guide donors through an effortless giving experience. Let’s talk about it!

Quick & easy creation

Creating a Campaign Page is a breeze, requiring no code and no technical expertise. In just a matter of minutes, you can set up a configurable page to use for a special event, seasonal campaign, urgent need, or any other fundraising initiative. This quick and easy creation process makes Campaign Pages a no-brainer for organizations looking to streamline their online fundraising efforts without losing impact.

Compelling storytelling

Configurable content on Campaign Pages lets you tell compelling stories that resonate with donors. With unlimited space for text, images, and other content, nonprofits can craft a narrative that highlights the impact of contributions and resonates with people, driving meaningful engagement and ultimately enhancing conversion rates.

High conversion rates

And speaking of conversion rates, a key benefit of Campaign Pages is their successfully high donation conversion rates. Take the Canadian Red Cross as an example. They saw a 25% click-to-donate conversion rate using Campaign Pages! Here’s how this feature engages donors and drives donations.

Features to love

Built-in Checkout

The optimized checkout process embedded in Campaign Pages means a seamless and secure donation experience, bolstered by AI optimization, suggested amounts, upgrade opportunities, and support for multiple payment methods.

Insightful analytics

Along with Fundraise Up’s powerful Insights Dashboard, the integration with Google Analytics, Meta Pixel and others from our approved list provide organizations with valuable insights into campaign performance.

Donation matching

Show supporters how much further their contribution can go with donation matching. And you can partner with any third-party sponsor to maximize the gift amount.


Support for 22+ languages and 135 currencies, coupled with device optimization, ensures that you can reach a global audience seamlessly.

Supporter Impact

Campaign Pages include a powerful tool that displays a real-time feed of recent contributions. This feature inspires potential donors to join the cause, and with the option to display donation amounts in various currencies, you’re able to engage donors across the world.

Impact descriptions

These customizable messages share exactly what donor gifts are going toward. You’ll help donors understand the powerful ways they can support causes, projects, and initiatives for your nonprofit.

Goal meter

Share the success with your supporters! The goal meter updates automatically as you receive donations and can include offline amounts to represent support gained through other channels.

Use cases with online fundraising initiatives

The versatility of Campaign Pages means you can publish them for any fundraising activity. Our customers have had success with Campaign Pages for:

  • Special events
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Year-end fundraising
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising
  • Crisis/emergency fundraising
  • Religious holidays
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • And more!

With the ease of Campaign Pages, the sky’s the limit for digital fundraising drives!

Get started with Campaign Pages

Take online fundraising efforts to the next level with Campaign Pages. It’s the quick and easy way to maximize your campaigns. Interested in learning more? Book a demo with our sales team today.

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