The Insights Dashboard: Your favorite new tool for better data (and more donations!)

Apr 1, 2024
Ashley Montgomery
Content Marketing Manager

Understand and appeal to donors like never before with the Insights Dashboard. It's more than just a reporting aid; it's your all-in-one tool with donor metrics to help you make smart choices quickly. Think of it as your go-to reference allowing you to make a bigger impact on what matters most — your mission.

More features are on the way! Our team is gearing up for the next level of insights. Stay tuned!

Insights built-to-size

Empowering enterprise-size nonprofits

For enterprise-size nonprofits, the Insights Dashboard is a game-changer. And with easily digestible reports, you can transform complex data into clear actionable insights, perfect for leadership and board stakeholders to run with.

Tailored solutions for mid-sized and small nonprofits

Medium and small nonprofits will find a partner with the Insights Dashboard. With ready-to-implement data, organizations have exactly what they need to start strategizing. Insights Dashboard is attuned to the nuanced needs of smaller entities, delivering powerful analytics straight out of the box.

Let’s dive into the Insights Dashboard

Seamless donor data access

The Insights Dashboard is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to instant clarity. Say goodbye to the era of delayed reports and disjointed analytics. With donor information at your fingertips, you can monitor fundraising efforts as they happens.

From live metrics to performance indicators, Insights Dashboard distills the essence of your efforts into a comprehensive, digestible format, ready for action at a moment's notice.

One centralized data hub

Gone are the days of fragmented data silos. The Insights Dashboard centralizes your fundraising data, offering a singular, comprehensive portal to every crucial metric. This consolidation eliminates the inefficiencies of juggling multiple platforms, granting you a streamlined path to informed decisions.

Discover the expanded capabilities of the Insights page, which offers a richer, more nuanced understanding of your fundraising endeavors through advanced data visualizations.

Features to love

Raised chart: Analyze fundraising performance by comparing collections over a chosen timeframe against a previous period, offering a clear view of trends and progress.

Performance overview section: Delve into campaigns to track how much additional revenue you’re raising with Fundraise Up features.

  • Saved recurring plans: Track the total number of saved recurring donation plans to understand how your revenue streams work.
  • Pre-donation upsell: Identify opportunities to prioritize upselling by viewing your total revenue increase from boosted one-time donations.
  • Post-donation upsell: Gauge additional revenue from upsells initiated after checkout.
  • Covered costs: Quantify how Fundraise Up’s adaptive AI is helping you raise revenue by intelligently prompting donors to cover transaction costs.
  • Fraud prevention: Quantify the tally of fraudulent transactions thwarted through Fundraise Up.
  • Mobile users: Assess the proportion of donations coming from mobile devices, reflecting donor behavior and preferences.

Donation day/time chart: An interactive heat map of donation activity by day and time so you’re able to plan and launch timely campaigns.

“Plan and launch timely campaigns with the Donation Day/Time Chart.”

Designations chart: Differentiate between unrestricted and restricted giving. You can now see which ones are driving the most donations and the median donation amounts for one-time and recurring contributions.

Frequencies chart: Compare all recurring gifts, with a breakdown of the total amount raised, the average gift amount and the median gift amount to track efforts.

Tributes chart: Understand the significance of tribute-based donations within your overall fundraising.

Countries chart: Gain insights, and tailor fundraising campaigns, to specific regions by examining donations by country.

Payment methods chart: Examine the usage of all available payment options to understand and prioritize preferred donor platforms

P2P fundraisers chart: Evaluate the success of peer-to-peer fundraising initiatives by observing donation distribution.

Data that works for you

The Insights Dashboard translates complex datasets into straightforward insights, enabling you to refine your campaigns for maximum impact. Comparative analyses across different periods reveal patterns and trends, providing a blueprint for strategic enhancements and pinpointing areas ripe for improvement. With instant, easy-to-understand data, you’ll have a clear and complete view of your fundraising efforts.

“With comparative analyses across different periods, you can track patterns and trends.

Try the demo

In fact, you can check out every feature yourself with our guided Insights Dashboard demo! Get a feel for the intuitive design and seamless functionality then reach out to our team for more information!

Like what you see?

Our Insights Dashboard is tailor-made for nonprofits like yours! Get a jump on donation data — contact our team today to get started. It’s time to unlock your nonprofit’s fundraising potential.

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