Making the most of your corporate program with a matching-gift upsell

Mar 30, 2022
Adam Weinger
President @ Double the Donation

Partner Guest Post: Double the Donation

Corporate matching-gift programs are offered by companies big and small. These initiatives enable employees to request company matches in response to an individual’s own personal gift⁠ — effectively doubling the impact of a single donation.

For nonprofits, matching-gift programs provide increased corporate funding, overall boosted revenue, and unique engagement opportunities with donors. Yet, few organizations make the most of these strategies, leading to millions of corporate giving dollars being left on the table each year.

One common roadblock in fully optimizing your nonprofit’s matching-gift program is donors unknowingly giving below their employer’s minimum match amount, leaving out much-needed fundraising revenue that could otherwise be used toward your mission.

A simple way to let donors know their employer’s minimum match amount

Each company has the ability to set specific criteria that match-eligible gifts must meet in order to qualify for a company donation⁠ — one of the most significant aspects being minimum and maximum donation amounts.

For donors who work for companies with matching-gift programs — if their contributions fall beneath their employers’ minimum threshold, your nonprofit won’t receive a match for that gift.

Research shows that 93% of companies have a minimum match requirement of $50 or less, with $34 being the average minimum size.

If given the opportunity prior to making a gift, most donors would likely meet the minimum if they knew their donation wasn’t getting matched by their employer.

To alleviate this problem, Fundraise Up and Double the Donation have partnered to create an effective solution to ensure that your nonprofit is getting every intended matching-gift donation with an embeddable upsell. This partnership encourages matching-gift donations by informing donors of their employers’ donation minimums before the individual hits the donate button. As a result, the donor is able to meet the donation minimum, and their gift is then matched by their employer.

As an example, take a look at Alzheimer’s Association’s matching-gift upsell in the donation ask:

Let’s see this idea in action:

Imagine a new supporter, Donor A, works for The Home Depot. This company offers a matching-gift minimum amount of $25. As Donor A goes through the donation process for your organization, they select the option to make a $15 donation. When they enter their employer’s name in a search bar below, however, they’re met with an automated message warning them that their donation falls below the company’s matching threshold.

Intrigued by the opportunity to get their gift matched, Donor A goes back to increase their initial donation size to $30. After submitting their gift, Donor A also secures a corporate match for your nonprofit.

Thanks to your Fundraise Up donation’s upsell functionality, your team receives a $30 gift in addition to a $30 donation match, bringing the total value to $60 ⁠— significantly greater than Donor A’s originally planned gift of $15.

These donation upsells can add up very quickly, generating more and more charitable dollars toward your cause.

Donors give because they want to bring positive change to a mission they care about⁠. When they see an opportunity to make a larger impact, they're even more likely to give. As a result, matching-gift programs bring positive results to the donors and nonprofits that participate.

While donors may not be aware of their corporate matching-gift minimum, adding the corporate-matching upsell by Fundraise Up and Double the Donation helps you collect more funding, better engage with donors, and develop strengthened business partnerships.

To learn more about how your nonprofit can benefit from the company-matching upsell, schedule a demo with one of our team members today.

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