Data-first fundraising with the Insights Dashboard

May 22, 2024
Ashley Montgomery
Content Marketing Manager

The Insights Dashboard is built to achieve big fundraising goals for nonprofits. It gives you the upper hand in planning fundraising strategies with metrics like campaign donation comparisons, donation frequency tracking, and popular giving times. Now you can analyze past performance, spot trends, and lay the groundwork for future campaigns. This proactive approach can help you set realistic goals and allocate resources wisely. Let’s talk about it!

More features are on the way! Our team is gearing up for the next level of insights. Stay tuned!

Proactive fundraising planning

Advanced features to meet fundraising goals for nonprofits.

How: Data-driven insights for targeted campaigns

The Insights Dashboard empowers nonprofits with data-driven insights to customize fundraising campaigns. With tools like the Donation Day/Time chart, mobile users tracker, and Countries chart, nonprofits gain valuable insights into donor behaviors, preferences, and geographic trends.

By diving into this data, you can pinpoint the best times, channels, and regions to focus campaigns and engage supporters to maximize fundraising potential.

How: Performance evaluation for continuous improvement

Use the Insights Dashboard to drive improvement in fundraising goals for nonprofits. Features like the Designations chart, Payment Methods chart, and P2P Fundraisers chart provide insights into donor preferences, giving habits, and the success of different fundraising strategies.

By evaluating performance, nonprofits can refine their tactics, tweak campaigns, and continuously enhance their strategies to boost fundraising effectiveness.

How: Streamlined decision-making for resource allocation

With the Insights Dashboard, nonprofits have access to clear and comprehensive data to make informed decisions on resource allocation.

Instant insights help you make smart choices about which campaigns to prioritize, where to invest resources, and which strategies to implement. Take the Payment Methods chart as an example. With a quick scan you can see how your donors prefer to give, helping you decide which payment methods to invest into more and which ones to deprecate.

This streamlined approach ensures nonprofits make the most impact with the least effort, using the resources at their disposal.

Get proactive with the Insights Dashboard from Fundraise Up

With cutting-edge features, data-driven insights, performance evaluation tools, and streamlined decision-making, you can rev up fundraising efforts, fine-tune campaigns, and amplify your overall impact.

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