Giving Tuesday 2024: Fundraise Up benchmarks predict nonprofit growth

Jun 21, 2024

Getting the most out of nonprofit fundraising requires keen insights and data-driven decisions. Access to the right information is crucial for organizations, but understanding what that information means and how to use it effectively is equally important.

That’s where Fundraise Up benchmarks shine. We're comparing our user data with industry benchmarks to forecast digital fundraising trends for 2024 and beyond. Let’s drill into Giving Tuesday donation volume trends.

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The nonprofit sector generally saw a decline in year-end giving. However, we saw an uptick on Giving Tuesday among Fundraise Up users. How are these nonprofits bucking the trend?

Giving Tuesday 2023 takeaways

It’s no secret that Giving Tuesday is a significant event in the nonprofit calendar. This global giving day, held each year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, consistently drives substantial donor revenue.

However, the 2023 M+R Benchmarks Study reveals challenging Giving Tuesday stats: a 7% revenue decline compared to 2022. This decrease reflects the broader changes in donor behavior and industry-wide downturns in annual giving.

Fundraise Up Giving Tuesday data outperforms the industry

Despite the industry-wide decline, Fundraise Up's user base experienced year-over-year Giving  Tuesday donation growth. Take a look at these impressive 2023 results, drawn from over 230 nonprofit organizations using Fundraise Up across multiple industries:

  • The total number of donations processed on Giving Tuesday increased by 2.75% for Fundraise Up users.
  • Fundraise Up users also saw a 1.72% increase in total Giving Tuesday donation revenue —  8.72 percentage points higher than the industry average.

From these results, it’s clear that Fundraise Up nonprofit partners are benefitting from the optimizations of our tech-forward platform. In fact, Fundraise Up users saw a 6.9% increase in the total annual donor revenue compared to 2022. Let’s dig into how Fundraise Up’s high-performance features enabled Giving Tuesday donation growth.

Analyzing the data: how tech-forward optimizations drive donation volume

The 8.72 percentage point increase in Giving Tuesday donation growth for our users highlights how nonprofits with advanced digital fundraising tools can significantly outperform industry averages.

The cutting-edge technology and sophisticated optimizations of Fundraise Up gives our nonprofit customers a crucial advantage. Our platform includes industry-leading AI-powered fundraising features backed by a powerful machine-learning model informed by data unique to nonprofits.

From intelligent Campaign Pages that increase conversion to an upgraded Checkout that offers smart amount suggestions, Fundraise Up optimizes touch points across the entire donation experience so that you ask the right amount at the right time. Most importantly, we practice privacy-first AI to prioritize security and safeguard donor data.

The high-tech advantage: practical implications for nonprofits

The data is clear: nonprofits that leverage advanced fundraising technologies can expect better fundraising outcomes, especially during the giving season and days like Giving Tuesday. Here are some actionable insights for organizations looking to improve their fundraising efforts:

  • Adopt AI-driven solutions: leverage AI-driven tools to enhance donor engagement and increase donations. Our AI-powered Checkout suggests optimal donation amounts based on donor behavior, ensuring you maximize every contribution opportunity.
  • Focus on donor engagement: use data insights to understand donor behavior and tailor your strategies accordingly. Our Insights Dashboard makes learning about your donors easy, and plug-and-play Elements improve the donor experience from anywhere.
  • Streamline the donation process: simplify and optimize the donation process with a user-friendly platform. Our Donor Portal and recurring donation prompts make giving easy and ongoing, enhancing donor engagement and boosting overall donations.

Looking ahead

At Fundraise Up, we’re committed to continuously analyzing user data and industry benchmarks to provide actionable insights for nonprofits. Our goal is to help organizations harness the power of modern fundraising technology to achieve their goals and grow their impact.

Stay tuned for more insights as we explore nonprofit benchmarking and data-driven trends in fundraising. To learn how Fundraise Up can elevate your online fundraising, contact us for a personalized overview.

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