Learn about how objects are mapped from Fundraise Up to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.


In Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, the Account object is used to represent both individual donors and organizations, differentiated by the type of account:

  • Person Account: Represents individual private donors.
  • Business Account: Represents organizations that make donations.
  • Contact: Used alongside the Account object to store detailed contact information of the supporters.

In Fundraise Up, these are referred to as Supporters.


Campaigns created and managed in Fundraise Up are synced to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud as Campaign objects. This allows you to track and report on donations received through specific fundraising campaigns.

  • Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Object: Campaign.
  • Fundraise Up Equivalent: Campaign.

GiftCommitment and GiftCommitmentSchedule

In Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, these objects represent the amount and frequency of a supporter's recurring donation.

  • GiftCommitment: Represents a supporter's commitment to make recurring donations.
  • GiftCommitmentSchedule: Outlines the intervals at which recurring donations are made.

In Fundraise Up, these are referred to as Recurring Plan.


Specifies how a donation is to be used or allocated. In Fundraise Up, donors can select a Designation for their gift, which is then mapped to the GiftDesignation object in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

  • Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Object: GiftDesignation.
  • Fundraise Up Equivalent: Designation.

GiftRefund and GiftTransaction

Displays the financial details of donations made through Fundraise Up, including refunds and transaction details.

  • GiftRefund: Represents a refund issued for a donation.
  • GiftTransaction: Captures details of completed donation transactions, applicable to both one-time and recurring donations (installments).

In Fundraise Up, these are referred to as Donation.


Contains details and status of tributes made with donations. In Fundraise Up, when a donation is made as a tribute to someone, this information is mapped to the GiftTribute object in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

  • Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Object: GiftTribute.
  • Fundraise Up Equivalent: Donation Tribute.


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