Platform basics

Learn the key things you'll need to do when getting started with Fundraise Up, as well as creative guidelines, embedding instructions, and more.

Fundraise Up is an innovative web-based platform that makes it easy for nonprofits to accept donations and increase giving. With powerful features, Fundraise Up makes it simple for your organization to create and manage successful fundraising campaigns.

Getting started

Ready to get started with Fundraise Up? If you already have an account, we recommend exploring the onboarding guide, which will guide you through a 10-step account setup process.

If you do not yet have a Fundraise Up account, contact our sales team to learn about the account options that are right for your organization.


Fundraise Up comprises seven core features designed to optimize the donor experience and unlock additional revenue for your organization.


Create Campaigns in over 20 different languages for each of your key fundraising activities, and take advantage of our powerful Checkout for each one. Fundraise Up's Checkout enables donation ask personalization using AI, includes upsell tools to boost recurring giving and overall revenue, and provides turnkey support for modern payment methods. Built with advanced fraud protection and encryption technology, our Checkout provides your organization with an encrypted and secure solution for online giving.

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Elements is a library of UI components designed specifically for fundraisers and nonprofit marketers. Using Elements, you can add buttons, sliders, progress bars, and other engaging features to your existing website — no coding required.

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Payment methods

Offer popular payment methods at checkout that increase conversion. Fundraise Up offers turnkey activation for cards, wallets, bank, and noncash options like crypto and stock.

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Donor Portal

Donor Portal is a self-service dashboard where your donors can view and manage their donations and fundraisers. Optimized for retention, Donor Portal includes features that reduce the chances of donors cancelling their recurring plans.

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Reach a global audience or optimize giving for donors within your region. Using Fundraise Up, you can localize your donor experience in nearly 20 languages, ensuring that supporting your organization is accessible to donors from around the world.

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The Fundraise Up Dashboard gives you instant access to fundraising insights, donation management tools, account settings, and more.

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Sync donations from Fundraise Up to virtually any other app using built-in integrations for Salesforce, Blackbaud products, Zapier, and more than 10 other platforms.

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Region-specific features: Fundraise Up supports region-specific payment methods, languages, receipting requirements, regulatory compliances, and data residency mandates. Learn more →

Pricing model

Fundraise Up offers per-transaction pricing, with rates that can be customized to your organization’s needs based on processing volume.

Per-transaction pricing offers your organization a highly-scalable approach to online fundraising. Rather than paying steep upfront costs, you pay only a small, percentage-based fee for successful donations.

Fundraise Up pricing at a glance:

  • Transaction-based
  • No upfront costs
  • No setup fees
  • No subscription fees
  • No contractual obligations

Account types

Your transaction fee is based on your Fundraise Up account type. Self-managed accounts have a static 4% transaction fee, and Custom accounts have rates based on an organization’s online donation processing volume.

Both Self-managed and Customized account types have access to all Fundraise Up features.

Self-managed Custom
4% per transaction Custom rate based on volume
Best for organizations processing less than $500,000/year in online donations Best for organizations processing more than $500,000/year in online donations


Fundraise Up offers free, 24/7 email support to all customers. Customers with a Custom account may have access to additional support resources, as described below.

Self-managed Custom
24/7 email support 24/7 prioritized email support
Access to Docs and Support articles Access to Docs and Support articles
Dedicated Solutions Engineer during onboarding
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Unlimited phone, text, and video support

For support-related questions or general inquiries, email

Technical information

The information below outlines key technical details about the Fundraise Up platform.

Browser compatibility

Fundraise Up leverages modern web technologies to provide optimized giving experiences for donors across a range of devices and browser types. Below are browsers that Fundraise Up officially supports

Browser Minimum supported version
Apple Safari 13.x
Google Chrome 75.x
Microsoft Edge 80.x
Mozilla Firefox 80.x

Other browsers may be compatible with Fundraise Up, but they are not officially supported.

In-app browsers

Fundraise Up Checkout and other platform features are compatible with in-app browsers, but some payment options may not be visible during checkout because of app or device limitations.

Processing capacity

Fundraise Up is capable of processing and validating up to 200 real-time transactions per second. This capacity can be scaled to 1,000 transactions per second during high-volume days of giving like GivingTuesday and December 31.


Below, you will find information about how we protect your privacy, what you can and cannot do with Fundraise Up, and how we handle organization accounts.

For legal inquiries, email

Terms of Service

Fundraise Up’s terms of service can be accessed at

Privacy policy

Fundraise Up’s privacy policy can be accessed at

Data processing addendum

A Data Processing Addendum (DPA) is an agreement between Fundraise Up and its customers that outlines the responsibilities of each party in relation to the processing of personal data. The DPA outlines the appropriate security measures that must be taken to protect the personal data of donors and other stakeholders. The DPA is designed to ensure that Fundraise Up complies with all applicable data protection laws and regulations.

You can request a signed copy of Fundraise Up’s DPA by emailing


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