Payment methods

Provide supporters with modern ways to give using cards, wallets, bank transfers, and noncash methods.

Fundraise Up's turnkey payment methods allow you to quickly and easily integrate modern payment methods into your giving experience. All of Fundraise Up’s offered payment methods are enabled from the Dashboard settings, with no coding required and minimal configuration.

We categorize payment methods into five families:

  • Cards
  • Bank debits
  • Bank redirects
  • Wallets
  • Noncash (stock and crypto)

Each family has similar features, a simplified activation process, and common Сheckout experience.

Payment methods


Cards are a popular way for supporters to give online. Through Stripe, Fundraise Up supports global and local card networks.

Global Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners
US and Canada Discover
Europe Cartes Bancaires
Asia JCB, China Union Pay
Latin America
Some cards have different features or restrictions depending on the country where your organization is based or the country where your supporters are giving from. Learn more →

Bank debits

Bank debits are commonly used for high-value donations. Your organization debits a supporter’s bank account directly, with their permission.

US and Canada ACH Direct Debit, Canadian PADs
Europe Bacs Direct Debit, SEPA Direct Debit
Australia BECS Direct Debit
Latin America

Bank redirects

Bank redirects let supporters give online using their bank account, using a secure, intuitive checkout flow. Bank redirects are popular among non-US consumers and can improve conversion and reduce fraud.

US and Canada
Europe iDEAL
Latin America


Wallets provide a fast and secure way for supporters to give using a saved card or a stored balance. Wallets improve conversion and reduce fraud, especially on mobile devices.

Global PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Click to Pay
US and Canada Venmo (US only)
Latin America


Noncash payment methods provide opportunities for your organization to collect donations that are often classified as property, such as cryptocurrency and stock.

Global Crypto
US and Canada Stock
Latin America

Payment providers

Each of our available payment methods is supported by one payment provider (though two provider options are available for accepting cryptocurrency donations). The payment provider must be connected to your Fundraise Up account before you can enable its payment methods. This table shows which providers support which payment methods.

Stripe Card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Click to Pay, ACH, Bacs, BECS, SEPA, ACSS (PAD), iDEAL
PayPal Venmo, PayPal
Gemini Crypto

Note that we don’t use a payment provider for stock donations — these are accepted by connecting your brokerage account.


Stripe handles the majority of payment methods offered by Fundraise Up. You must have an active Stripe account connected to Fundraise Up to accept donations. Learn more →

Supported currencies

Stripe supports 135+ currencies. You can see a comprehensive list of supported currencies on Stripe’s website.

Payment method-specific fees

Stripe assesses processing fees based on the type of payment method used at Checkout. You can explore payment-specific fees on Stripe’s website.

Nonprofit rate

Stripe offers a fee discount for eligible nonprofits. Learn more →


You can connect a business PayPal account to Fundraise Up to enable PayPal and Venmo as payment options. Enabling these wallet-based payment methods can improve conversion, especially on mobile. Learn more →

Supported currencies

PayPal supports 25 popular currencies. You can explore supported currencies on PayPal’s website.

Nonprofit rate

Eligible nonprofits qualify for PayPal’s charity status and can receive a discounted processing rate of 1.99% + $0.49 per donation. Learn more →


Gemini can be connected to Fundraise Up to enable crypto giving. Enable Gemini to accept a wider range of cryptocurrencies. Learn more →

Connecting a stockbroker account

Connect your organization’s brokerage account to accept stock donations. Learn more →


If you encounter problems with a payment method or have payment method-related questions, explore Fundraise Up’s payment method support articles.

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