2 Easy, but mighty, ways to improve donation conversions

May 15, 2024
Ashley Montgomery
Content Marketing Manager

Modern donors want the giving process to be as simple as anything else online. And improving their experience doesn’t mean a complete overhaul to your website. With two easy changes, you’ll see an unmistakable bump in donations. We’re talking about social proof and optional mailing addresses.

Fast facts:

Our product research team A/B tested Fundraise Up social proof elements and mailing addresses. They compared donation conversion rates for nonprofits that enabled/disabled social proof as well as nonprofits that made mailing addresses optional vs. mandatory. Here’s what our team found:

  • 3.5% bump in conversions with social proof
  • 3.5% drop in conversions without social proof
  • Apple users are more influenced by social proof than PC users
  • 3.4% bump in donations without mandatory mailing addresses
  • Mobile users are less likely to donate when mailing addresses are required

Embrace the influence of social proof

Our research team found that social proof led to a 3.5% bump in donation conversions when a social proof element was present. In the same A/B experiment, we saw a 3.5% drop in donation conversions when the social proof element was removed.

What is social proof? It’s a psychological phenomenon where individuals are more likely to engage in an activity if they observe others doing the same.

And here’s something else to consider: our experiment found that Mac and iOS users are more sensitive to social proof – a nearly 6% drop-off in donations without social proof! It’s an opportunity to think about if your audience includes Apple users.

Why does social proof work?

It’s in our nature to look for and consider other peoples’ opinions. Positive social proof creates a sense of community that drives us to want to experience those same positive outcomes.

The theory taps into our inherent hope to fit in, seek guidance from others and feel connected to a larger group.

“Social proof techniques work because they elicit inspiration and the feeling of ‘being part of a community’” - Aklima Baiguisova, Fundraise Up’s Product Management Team Leader.
Let AI do the work! With the Adaptive Cost Coverage feature, Fundraise Up’s AI determines which donors should be prompted to cover the fees for their donations.

Make mailing address optional

Make the donation process frictionless. One simple tactic is to make mailing addresses optional. Our research team noted a 3.4% increase in donations just by removing this requirement.

If your target audience prefers mobile over desktop, consider this: we saw a 4.3% drop-off when mobile users had to provide a mailing address. Overall, mandatory mailing address reduced the average revenue per visitor (ARPV) by 4.8%

European Requirements: Some European countries require mailing addresses for donors. In these cases, Fundraise Up may automatically require the address to adhere to regulations.

With optional mailing addresses, you…

  • Offer a smoother donation process which can significantly lift your revenue
  • Save time for your donors and possibly see higher donations per visitor
  • Keep mobile users happy with a less tedious checkout

Innovation matters

We continuously test new features to improve the donor experience. The goal is to provide frictionless giving opportunities so nonprofits can:

  1. Meet evolving donor expectations
  2. Solve common and emerging fundraising challenges
  3. Stay competitive for donor dollars
  4. Scale their audience and impact
Have you updated your donation pages lately? It’s a surefire way to increase donation conversions IF you follow these guidelines.

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