Get closer to donors with these 6 fundraising analytics

Apr 11, 2024
Ashley Montgomery
Content Marketing Manager

Build better bonds with donors

The Insights Dashboard equips nonprofits like yours with detailed fundraising analytics to deepen your understanding of donor behavior. By tailoring outreach to match donor preferences, nonprofits can improve recurring donation rates and attract new supporters. Finally end the guessing game! Now you’ll know exactly when, where and how donors are giving to your cause.

More features are on the way! Our team is gearing up for the next level of insights. Stay tuned!

With the Insights Dashboard, you can find…

Key fundraising analytics to track donor behavior

Raised Chart:

Measure your success by day, weeks, months and years. Compare how much was raised in different time periods to easily see trends and improvements in fundraising.

Performance Overview:

Quickly see the extra campaign revenue gained from using Fundraise up features like covered costs, pre-donation upsells, post-donation upsells and more

What is adaptive cost coverage?  Adaptive cost coverage uses AI to determine which donors should be prompted to cover their transaction costs. Here’s how the AI works.


By seeing where donations are coming from, you can tailor campaigns by region, culture or even local events.

Payment Methods:

Make it easier to donate! Analyze how donors are giving so you can prioritize and promote their preferred payments methods.

Heat map:

Schedule campaigns more effectively by understanding the most popular giving times of your donors.


Optimize and experiment with designations. Track restricted giving by median donation amounts for one-time and recurring contributions to see what donors are choosing.

With these 6 fundraising analytics you can…

Tailor campaigns

With donor insights like geolocation, heat maps and preferred payment methods, nonprofits can tailor campaigns to highly-specific audiences. For example, knowing your donors’ locations, you can capitalize on cultural events and local sentiments like Ramadan. The opportunity to segment campaigns opens the door to more communication strategies and more powerful outreach.

Optimize donation appeals

By understanding the timing, frequency and donation amounts that resonate with different donor segments, nonprofits can optimize their appeals to match donor behavior and increase donation rates. With appeals that resonate you can not only increase the number of donations but also foster stronger relationships with donors, leading to continued support in the future.

Build better stewardship plans

Armed with detailed fundraising analytics like designations, nonprofits can create customized stewardship plans that acknowledge donor contributions in a manner most meaningful to them. This fosters a deeper connection and enhances donor relationship management.

Source Objective Feedback

Metrics on donor engagement provide invaluable feedback on what strategies are working and what aren't. This allows for continuous improvement of engagement tactics based on data-driven insights, ensuring that nonprofits can adapt and evolve their strategies to meet the changing needs and preferences of their donor base.

In an era where people expect personalized and relevant communication, the Insights Dashboard is your key to improving donor engagement and strengthening the bond between your nonprofit and its supporters.

Your next big campaign is waiting

With the power of Fundraise Up’s AI-powered donation platform and Insights Dashboard, your donors will have the best giving experience on the market. Let’s talk about it.

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