Donation matching

Show supporters how much further their contribution will go with matched donations.

Campaign Pages gives you the additional option to run a matched campaign: for example, if a third-party sponsor agrees to match all donations made to a particular campaign within certain limits.

Please note that Fundraise Up does not facilitate the matching process.

This is different from company matching, where the supporter’s employer matches a donation.

Running a matched campaign

If your organization decides to use this option, check the Enable donation matching checkbox and configure the settings as necessary. Please note that, if you have both the Campaign Page and the Checkout modal enabled for the Campaign, the rate matching information will only appear on the Campaign Page, as rate matching is not yet available for the Checkout modal.

Configuring the matching settings

Once you’ve enabled donation matching, you’ll have the option to add more details for supporters to see.

  • Sponsor name: enter the name of the company, organization or individual who has pledged to match donations to this campaign. This field is optional. If inclused, the sponsor’s name will be shown to supporters on the Campaign Page.
  • Match ratio: enter the rate at which your sponsor will match donations. For example:
    • If the sponsor is matching each donation exactly (in other words, doubling each donation), then enter 1:1 as the matching ratio. E.g. the supporter gives $10, the sponsor gives another $10, and the final total contribution is $20.
    • If the sponsor will give double what the supporter gives (thereby tripling the overall donation), enter 1:2 as the matching rate. E.g. the supporter gives $10, and the sponsor gives $20, and the final total contribution is $30.
  • Minimum matchable amount: the minimum donation amount that the matching partner is willing to match. For example, if they’re only willing to match donations over $20, input 20 here. If there is no limit and all donations will be matched, leave this field empty.
  • End date: If the donation matching is limited to a certain time frame, enter the last day on which donations will be matchable. If you add this, a live countdown will appear showing the supporter how much longer donations are matchable for. If over 24 hours remains on the countdown, it will show days, hours and minutes remaining. If less than 24 hours remain, it will show hours, minutes and seconds.


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