Create a meaningful donation experience with Tributes this Mothers’ Day

May 12, 2023
Nico Wada
Senior Demand Generation Manager

Many donors are moved to give in honor or memory of a loved one, especially on Mothers’ Day. Fundraise Up’s Tributes feature allows you to seamlessly create highly customizable dedication experiences for your donors, making them more likely to donate to your cause.

Offering a dedication option in Checkout

If you’ve enabled tribute giving for your campaign, it’s quick and effortless for your donor to dedicate their donation to someone special in their life.

When a visitor clicks the donate button on your site, a simple “Dedicate this donation” checkbox appears in the checkout screen (unchecked by default). As our goal is to always maximize your conversion rate, a majority of dedication-related steps are completed in Donor Portal after the donation is processed to prevent a lengthy workflow.

Once your donor clicks the “Dedicate this donation” option, they simply enter a name in the field for their tribute and complete their donation as they normally would. After their tribute gift is processed, they have the option to send a personalized card or make another dedication.

When sending a card, donors can select a dedication type (in honor or in memory), pick a channel (email or postal mail), opt to show or hide the donation amount and choose a custom image.

Tribute giving through email campaigns

If you decide to launch a Mothers’ Day email campaign, you might want to include a CTA to dedicate a donation. To measure conversion and the performance of other marketing metrics, make sure to leverage our Donate Link in your CTA, which generates a unique tracking URL, allowing you to collect rich campaign data.

When a recipient clicks on your CTA to make a gift, Fundraise Up’s Checkout form will launch and the “Dedicate this donation” option will be switched on by default.

For this Checkout, we only enable the Mothers’ Day image collection because we have a special set of images we want to use for this campaign. When you send a tribute email from Donor Portal, it looks like this:

Direct donors to your Mothers’ Day campaign with our Popup Element

Hoping to draw traffic to your Mothers’ Day campaign? Popups can be an incredibly effective addition to your marketing mix, with the best-performing ones netting a 60% conversion rate.

With Fundraise Up, you can easily guide donors to give on Mothers’ Day with our Popup element, which requires no extra code to install on your website and comes at no extra cost.

Once enabled, Popup launches in the center of a visitor’s screen, dimming the content behind it to emphasize the opportunity to give.

Like our other Elements, Popup is highly customizable, allowing you to add an image, title, description and CTA button. Our URL control feature also allows you to pick and choose which pages to trigger the popup.

Thanks to Popup’s incredible versatility, it also looks great on any device and our AI-driven features ensure that your popup is optimized in terms of both how and when it’s shown to visitors. For more optimization techniques, make sure to check out our article on Popup best practices.

About Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up is a technology company unlocking the world’s generosity potential by optimizing how people give. Our donation platform helps nonprofits engage more supporters and grow revenue by providing easy ways to increase conversion, enable modern payment methods, and personalize the giving experience for every donor. Fundraise Up is the partner of choice for UNICEF USA, The Salvation Army UK, American Heart Association, and other impactful organizations across the globe.

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