Show donations to your nonprofit with the new Recent Donations Element

Feb 25, 2021
Nelly Dudukalova
Product Marketing Manager

Whether you’re hosting a day of giving, streaming a live event, or running a P2P fundraising campaign, Recent Donations is the perfect Element for showing how donors are rallying around your cause.

With the new Recent Donations Element, you can show a list of up to 10 recent donations from your supporters. You can include a donor’s full name or abbreviate it to just show the first name and last initial, toggle the visibility of dates and donation comments, and of course, stylize Recent Donations to match the design of your nonprofit’s website.

Recent Donations joins the ever-growing library of Elements, our conversion-boosting UI components that you can place anywhere on your website. Use Recent Donations on its own or embed it with other Elements like Donation FormGoal Meter, or Image Card to create a truly engaging call to action.

Ready to get started with Recent Donations? It’s available now from the Elements tab of the Fundraise Up dashboard. And if you’re not yet using Fundraise Up, learn more about the platform and request a demo, here.

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