An exciting update is coming to Fundraise Up's recurring giving feature

Nov 20, 2020
Nelly Dudukalova
Product Marketing Manager

Say hello to saved costs, more options, and better control over recurring plans.

Today, we're excited to announce an upcoming update to Fundraise Up's Recurring Giving feature that enhances the way recurring plans are started and how they are managed. Take a look at what's coming soon.

💰 Save money

Stripe recently introduced a 0.5% fee for subscription-style transactions like recurring donations. We're engineering some behind-the-scenes magic to mitigate this fee and boost the value of recurring donations for all of our customers.

🗓 More options

Your donors have always had the ability to give monthly using Fundraise Up, but later this year, your donors will have the ability to select new donation frequencies like weekly, quarterly, and annually. Donors will now also be able to specify a start date for their recurring plans.

In addition to new frequencies for recurring plans, we're also expanding the payment methods available for recurring plans to include PayPal, which was previously only available for one-time donations.

🎛 Better control

With the new enhancements to recurring plans, you'll now have control over how Fundraise Up handles failed charges on installments for recurring donations. A new Recurring Plans option allows you to set a static retry schedule for failed charges or opt to leverage Fundraise Up's machine learning algorithm to set an optimized retry schedule.

🤩 Coming soon

The enhancements to recurring plans are coming soon, but setting the retry schedule for Recurring Plans can be done today and will take effect in mid-January, 2021. Stay tuned — we'll keep you posted as more enhancements to recurring plans become available.

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