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An embeddable form for mobile, desktop and tablet devices, Checkout works within your site. Donors can donate instantly—without being redirected away to complete their transaction.

Tried and Tested—The Donation Form Done Right

Don’t let a complex form discourage someone from giving. We engineered our Checkout to make it simple, intuitive and easy to complete.

Works Great on Mobile

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AI-Powered Suggested Amounts

Let machine learning automatically display suggested giving amounts that are just right for your donor.

Built-in Donation Page

You’ve built a connection with your donors. With Checkout, you keep that emotional engagement going—and have them complete the process on your site.

Checkout Experience Re‑engineered

By using Checkout, you tap into a team of Fundraise Up engineers and designers who continually work to refine your donation flow and optimize conversion funnel.

Donors cover fee

Details matter. With our tested opt-in, 92% of donors cover the only fee charged, bringing your typical cost to under 1%.

Promote recurring giving

Our strategic prompts encourage one-time donors to convert to monthly—and can increase your monthly donations up to 10%

Get address at the end

By asking for address and other details after the transaction processes, you significantly reduce the abandonment rate—and raise more funds.


Offer donors the option to dedicate their gift to a loved one—and the choice to send notification by email or regular mail.


Allow donors to designate their gift to a specific project or campaign—and reinforce the impact of their giving.

Custom questions

While donors are engaged, use custom questions to gain valuable insights into their behavior.

Social sharing

We make it easy for donors to share your mission with friends on social media.

Company Matching

Don’t miss out on matching funds. Our integrated tool prompts donors to easily extend their giving impact.

Configuration Options

You can change how Checkout looks and behaves for each campaign. Customizing is easy—just do it right from your dashboard!

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