Say goodbye to deserted donations with this clever feature

Apr 2, 2024
Ashley Montgomery
Content Marketing Manager

We know that the donor’s journey from intention to action isn’t always linear. In fact, we found that many people who initiate a donation, but don’t complete it, are likely to never return. Enter the Abandoned Donations feature from Fundraise Up, a groundbreaking tool designed to bridge this gap and enhance your donor engagement plan.

Capturing potential contributions

Our Abandoned Donations feature is tailored to ensure that no potential donation is forgotten. Should supporters leave the donation process, they are prompted to provide their email address — a step that's seamlessly integrated with our Checkout Modal, Campaign Page or the dedicated Abandoned Donations screen. This not only secures a way to remind them of their unfinished donation but also adds to your database of potential donors for future engagement — a critical component of any donor engagement plan.

Automated email reminder

Once an email address is captured, the future donor is entered into an automated email sequence. These emails serve as gentle nudges, reminding them of their initial intent to donate. It's a non-intrusive way to boost completion rates, as the donor has the freedom to opt-out at any time. This balance of persistence and respect is a cornerstone of effective donor engagement software.

Privacy and ease with smooth data collection

We prioritize the donor's convenience and privacy. When potential donors choose to close the Checkout, our system offers to automatically pre-fill their email, while also providing an easy opt-out option. This smooth data collection process is integrated into the user-friendly interface of our donor engagement software, making it effortless for both the donor and your organization.

Privacy first: If the option Prompt supporters to accept your terms is enabled in your campaign settings, a supporter's email will only be saved if they agree to the terms & conditions.

Engaging effectively with donors

The Abandoned Donations feature is not just about reminders; it's about engaging effectively with potential donors. The contact information gathered can be used to launch personalized, automated email campaigns that encourage supporters to revisit and complete their donations.

For those who prefer a different approach, the option to export this list directly from the Dashboard is available, allowing for further nurture efforts.

Simple and quick setup

Implementing the Abandoned Donations feature is a breeze. In just minutes, you can have everything set up: from capturing supporter data on the Dashboard to customizing the reminder emails. This quick setup allows you to focus on your fundraising goals without being bogged down by technical complexities.

A strategic addition to your donor engagement plan

Incorporating the Abandoned Donations feature into your donor engagement plan is a strategic move. It's a simple yet powerful tool that can significantly increase the chances of converting those almost-donors into committed supporters. By re-engaging with individuals who showed initial interest, you're not only maximizing your fundraising efforts but also building a stronger relationship with your donor base.

The Bottom Line

The Abandoned Donations feature offers a proactive solution to a common problem faced by nonprofits, ensuring that potential donations are not lost. With automated reminders, smooth data collection, and effective re-engagement strategies, this feature can elevate your fundraising and strengthen your connection with supporters. By leveraging donor engagement tools like this, you're equipped to capture every opportunity and turn intent into impactful donations.

Don't let potential donations slip away! Book a demo to see how we can elevate your fundraising efforts.

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