The impact of Apple Pay and Google Pay on donation conversion rates

Oct 12, 2021

When it comes to digital wallets, PayPal has dominated the market since the earliest days of Internet 2.0. But the introduction of both Apple and Google Pay has diversified online payments to such an extent that their popularity can no longer be ignored.

So, what impact do these two payment methods have on nonprofit giving? We took a look at the behavior of donors who use Apple and Google Pay to see its impact on conversion.

How popular are Apple and Google Pay?

Our previous research shows that after credit cards and PayPal, Apple Pay was the third most popular payment method, followed by Google Pay.

What is the overall impact of Apple and Google Pay on conversion?

From our observations, the availability of Google Pay increased conversion by 2.6%, while the availability of Apple Pay increased conversion by 2%.

However, we wanted to understand the impact of these two payment methods further by observing donors’ browser choices. Specifically, we focused on Google Chrome, not only because of its direct tie to Google Pay but because it is currently the leading global internet browser. Our findings were as follows:

  • The availability of Google Pay increased overall conversion among Chrome users by 4%.
  • 67% of donations made with Google Pay on Chrome were with a mobile device.

What is the average gift amount made with Apple and Google Pay?

Now that we've addressed the popularity and overall conversion impact of Apple and Google Pay, we wanted to know how much donors are giving on average with these payment methods.

From our observations, the presence of Apple and Google Pay is more impactful with donors who give less than $80. This is additionally supported by our findings that the average donation amount of Apple Pay users on mobile was $78.61 and Google Pay was $56.6.

Therefore, we can conclude that the presence of Apple and Google Pay is the most important for mobile giving. In fact, nearly 38% of donation revenue now comes from mobile devices.

With that knowledge, we made sure to offer a robust variety of digital wallets, including Apple and Google Pay. If you want to increase your selection of payment methods and get optimized for mobile all at once, request a demo with Fundraise Up!

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