Showing PayPal as a donation method leads to a 10% conversion hike

Jan 18, 2021
Nic Miller
Senior Director of Marketing

A new finding from our analytics team reveals the positive impact PayPal has on conversion.

To determine both the popularity and conversion impact of PayPal as a donation method, our team analyzed more than 170,000 transactions.

Of the studied transactions, it was found that PayPal is selected during a donation checkout 20% of the time, making it the second most popular donation method behind card-based options.

More importantly, Fundraise Up data reveals that PayPal has an overall positive impact on conversion regardless of whether it’s selected by a supporter as a donation method. When the option to give using PayPal is present, the conversion rate rises by 10%

Final thoughts

PayPal is a popular choice for digital donors — one in five donors selects it during the donation checkout process. And because PayPal’s very presence at checkout can increase conversion by several percentage points, we recommend implementing PayPal as a donation option where possible.

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