PayPal to PayPal

Learn how to migrate recurring plans between PayPal accounts

The general workflow and timeline for this type of migration can be illustrated as follows:

This migration type is relevant if you are using PayPal as your payment processor, and want to migrate recurring plans to the PayPal account that's connected to Fundraise Up. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Extract data with our extension

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Fundraise Up PayPal Crawler extension. This Chrome extension will look for all of the plans that can be processed through Fundraise Up.
  2. Go to PayPal and ensure that you have signed in and authenticated.
  3. Open the extensions panel in the top right corner of Chrome. We recommend pinning the extension for easy access.

  4. Click on the extension icon and choose Start to start the collection process.

  5. Once the processing has run, the PayPal page should load, and you can see the progress indicator. The data collection time depends on the amount of data. You will also probably notice page reloads and blinking — this is normal.

  6. Once the data has been collected successfully, a CSV file with the resulting data will download.

Step 2: Format the data

Once the CSV has been processed, please send us the extracted CSV file along with a Google Sheets link, created using the instructions below.

For us to use the data, it needs to be formatted in a particular way. Use our instructions and sample template to get the right formats. Make a copy of the sheet, add the relevant data, and share it with after filling in the necessary fields.

You can extract the recurring plans data from your CRM or a third-party merchant processor. For the PayPal information you've extracted please use the PayPal Billing Agreements with "Metadata Field Name" (baid) and "Metadata Field Value" (B-9SA879531D994413S). in order to match them with their related plans. See an example below:

Metadata Field Name Metadata Field Value
donor_id 17394
baid B-9SA879531D994413S

Before you send us a link to the completed spreadsheet, please make sure that:

  • you thoroughly reviewed the crucial information at the start of the sheet, as well as the specific annotations accompanying each column.
  • Stripe IDs/Billing Agreement IDs match their related plans.
  • the last donation date is aligned with the donation frequency, ensuring that it falls within a reasonable time frame (e.g., for a monthly donation frequency, the last donation date should not be more than one month earlier than the current date). Kindly refrain from auto-filling missing dates and times of the last donation.
  • zeros before last four credit card digits, ZIP codes and other fields are preserved, as predefined Excel/Google Sheets format may remove them.
  • the Fundraise Up account ID is correct, and the chosen campaigns and designations exist within that specified account. For campaigns and designations, it is necessary to specify their respective IDs.
  • there are no duplicate emails or other unique identifiers (such as Stripe IDs/Billing Agreement IDs) in the sheet.

Step 3: Data review and validation

We examine the submitted data, ensuring all required fields are accurately completed and formatted. We also confirm that plans correspond to their respective PayPal Billing Agreements and conduct additional checks as necessary. During this stage, we may reach out to you for further dataset details.

Step 4: Schedule a migration date

Once everything is validated and approved, please provide us with a stop processing date, time, and timezone for migrating recurring plans. If you're using a merchant processor to manage recurring plans, schedule the stop processing date with them. After confirming the date, we will arrange the migration accordingly. We'll also re-adjust the dataset to guarantee that the last donation is up-to-date and supporters won't be double-charged. Lastly, we deliver the data to our billing team.

Step 5: Migration complete

Once the migration is complete, you'll receive a confirmation with the number of migrated plans and the number of plans charged upon creation. To view the full results, navigate to the Recurring tab in your Fundraise Up Dashboard and select Recurring migration in the Source filter.


If you’re having issues with our Crawler extension, find more information about how it works here.


The extension popup provides action buttons along with minimal technical information.

If the activity page is selected as a data source, it can continue data collection.

It’s also possible to download collected data from the extension cache.


Right-clicking on the extension icon and choosing Options will take you to the Options page.

The only available option is to force data collection from the activity page, which is expected to be more reliable.


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