Step 5: Emails

In this step, you will customize the emails for your Fundraise Up account.

By default, Fundraise Up sends transactional emails for donations, fundraisers, and actions that a supporter needs to take. These emails can be customized from your Fundraise Up account in two places:

  • At the account level: modifying emails from the Settings area in the Dashboard applies customizations at the account level. The customizations are then used as the default options for new campaigns.
  • At the campaign level: for each campaign, you have the option to customize emails. Changes made in this view will override customizations applied at the account level.

To get started, we recommend customizing emails at the account level. This way, you can establish basic customizations that will work well as the default settings for newly-created campaigns.

As you create additional campaigns designed for appeal- or channel-specific uses, you can modify the campaign-level email settings to include specific customizations for each use case.

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