Step 3: Payment methods

In this step, you will enable payment options that allow donors to give using cards, wallets, bank transfers, and noncash methods.

Using Fundraise Up and your connected Stripe account, you can accept a broad array of modern payment methods. You can also connect other payment processors or connectors like PayPal, Plaid, Coinbase Commerce, or Gemini, to further expand the donation options you provide to donors at Checkout.

Below, see the recommended payment methods that you should enable. There are more payment methods available in Fundraise Up, but the options below are compatible with most countries. For more information about these and other payment methods, review the payment methods guide.


When you connect your Stripe account to Fundraise Up, card-based payment methods are automatically activated.

Fundraise Up supports all major card brands including global options like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners. Fundraise Up also supports country-specific card-based payment methods like Discover, JCB, and China Union Pay.


PayPal is a highly popular payment method that is used by over 50% of the world’s population. Adding PayPal as a payment option can increase conversion and account for 20% or more of the donations you collect using Fundraise Up.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the default wallet used on Apple iOS mobile devices and in macOS.

To enable Apple Pay, you will need to verify the domain where it will be used. Refer to the Apple Pay guide for detailed implementation instructions.

Google Pay

Google Pay is the default wallet used on Android mobile devices and in Google’s Chrome browser. Google Pay is enabled by default when you connect your Stripe account to Fundraise Up.

Other payment methods

These payment methods are available in Fundraise Up but may only be displayed for certain regions. Refer to the table below for the country compatibility of each payment method and a link to the payment method’s implementation guide.

Payment method Type Compatibility Guide
ACH Direct Debit Bank debit US and Canada View guide
Bacs Direct Debit Bank debit Europe View guide
BECS Direct Debit Bank debit Asia View guide
Canadian PADs Bank debit US and Canada View guide
Click to Pay Wallet Global View guide
Crypto Noncash Global View guide
iDEAL Bank redirect Europe View guide
Instant Direct Debit Bank debit US only View guide
SEPA Direct Debit Bank transfer Europe View guide
Stock Noncash US and Canada View guide
Venmo Wallet US only View guide

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