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How to move recurring plans from your current platform to Fundraise Up

When you switch to Fundraise Up, you will likely have recurring plans that you will want to move from your existing donation platform. To facilitate this move, Fundraise Up offers a free migration service that streamlines the transfer of payment tokens to our platform.

Reasons to migrate

Fundraise Up provides modern features and tools for activating and managing recurring giving. By moving your existing recurring plans to Fundraise Up, you get:

  • Access to Donor Portal, a self-service dashboard where donors can manage their recurring plans. Donor Portal improves retention by providing alternatives to plan cancellation.
  • Consolidation of all of your one-time and recurring donations to one platform. This makes it easy to manage your relationship with donors and provide a seamless giving experience.
  • Modern card recovery tools that limit the number of failed transactions and reduce lapses in giving
  • AI-powered antifraud tools that prevent security issues and costly chargeback fees.

Request migration services

Migrating your existing recurring plans to Fundraise Up involves requesting that the payment tokens associated with each plan be transferred from your current donation platform to Stripe.

To ensure PCI-compliance, the migration is completed directly between payment processors. You cannot provide us with a file of donor payment details.


Some platform providers charge for or restrict the transfer of payment tokens, which can lead to migrations that are not successful. Here are vendors that are known to either charge for or restrict the transfer of payment tokens.

Vendor Issue
ActBlue Transfer not allowed
Authorize.Net Fee charged
CardPointe Fee charged
Classy Fee charged
CyberSource Fee charged
Eway Payments Fee charged
Ezidebit Fee charged
GlobalGiving Transfer not allowed
Neon One Fee charged
MinistryLINQ Transfer not allowed
Network gor Good Transfer not allowed
Pushpay Transfer not allowed
TrustCommerce Fee charged
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