Step 4: Campaigns

In this step, you will create your first Campaign.

In Fundraise Up, Campaigns are used to create and manage Checkout modals and Campaign Pages. From each campaign you create, you can then enable a Checkout modal, a Page or both for that campaign.

Your organization can create as many campaigns as are needed to capture donations for funds, appeals, channels, or virtually any use case.

Campaigns are an available object in many of Fundraise Up’s integrations, which allow you to map campaign properties and values to objects and properties in other apps.

Some example campaigns that you might create are:

  • General Donations”: a campaign to accept unrestricted donations through your website.
  • GivingTuesday 2023: a campaign to accept donations specifically on GivingTuesday.
  • Social media campaign landing: a campaign that only has a Campaign Page enabled, which is used as a landing page for visitors from your latest SMM campaign.
  • Year-end campaign: mid-level supporters”: a campaign to get donations from a targeted segment of your supporter base. You could create variations of this type of campaign for each segment that you target.

We recommend getting started by creating a “General Donations” сampaign. Later, you can clone this campaign and modify it for other use cases.

Creating your first campaign

Create your first сampaign from the Campaigns view in the Fundraise Up Dashboard by clicking the New campaign button.

Once your сampaign has been created, you can review and modify its main settings, Checkout modal, Campaign Page, Emails, P2P and general Actions. By default, some configuration steps are completed for you when you create your сampaign. This way, you can start accepting donations to your campaign without having to manually configure every setting.

Please note that, by default, only the Checkout modal format is enabled for each new Campaign. You can choose which format(s) you want enabled for your campaign in the Campaign’s general settings.

Preview and test your campaign

Once you’ve created your campaign and want to test its Checkout modal, Campaign Page or both — whichever you’ve enabled — you can do this easily from the Fundraise Up Dashboard.

See a preview

Preview allows you to view your Checkout modal or Campaign Page. This preview isn’t interactive, so you can’t make a test donation — you can only view the screens.

To preview your campaign you can click the Preview button for your chosen format in the Campaign Overview or, when you’re editing your campaign, click the Preview button in the yellow bar at the bottom of the page.

From the Preview window you can switch between campaign formats, devices, locales and countries. You can also see all the different screens that are part of the donation flow, as per your current settings.

Run a test

Testing your campaign allows you to actually go through the donation process, as your future supporters will.

To test your campaign, click the Make a test donation button for your chosen format in the Campaign Overview or, when you’re previewing your campaign, click the Make a test donation link in the hint bar below the Preview window itself. This allows you to make a donation from start to finish, using the settings you have in place, with the option to switch between different locales and countries. Learn more about test mode →

Launching a Checkout modal on your site

To confirm that the Checkout modal displays on your organization’s website, you can launch it using by clicking the purple Checkout modal link in the Campaign overview tab. This should open your website in a new window, with the Checkout modal opened.

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