Step 6: Donor Portal

In this step, you will customize Donor Portal, a self-service dashboard where your supporters can manage recurring plans, Fundraisers, and view their donation history.

The Donor Portal is a self-service dashboard that your supporters can visit to manage their donations. Access to the Donor Portal does not require a user name or password. Instead, supporters authenticate using a secure magic link that is emailed to them when they wish to log in.

To get started, we recommend customizing your Donor Portal settings that require minimal configuration. The recommended customizations are described below.

Portal URL

Your Portal URL is the web address where supporters will access the Donor Portal. Customize the subdomain for your Portal URL by choosing a short and memorable keyword that is relevant to your organization.

Later, you can customize your Portal URL to use a custom domain, or, if you already have access to your domain’s DNS records, you can set a custom domain by referring to this guide.


Customize the Donor Portal by setting a custom browser icon (favicon) and hero image.

The logo displayed in the Donor Portal is configured from the Account settings page. This will be explained in Step 8.

Browser icon

  • Minimum resolution: 32 × 32 px
  • Recommended resolution: 64 × 64 px

Hero image

  • Minimum resolution: 930 × 408 px
  • Recommended resolution: 1860 × 816 px

Homepage message

The homepage message is displayed below the hero image in the Donor Portal. The message includes a title and description that can be customized with your own text. Both text fields can include merge tags for personalization.

Recurring donation settings

By default, your Fundraise Up account is configured with the recommended Donor Portal settings.

Preview the Donor Portal

In the Donor Portal preview section of the settings for the Donor Portal, you can access the preview link. This link enables you to preview the Donor Portal with all your customizations applied.

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