Step 8: Account settings

In this step, you will configure and review settings in the Dashboard.

The Settings view of the Fundraise Up Dashboard provides access to the platform’s configuration options. Before launching Fundraise Up on your website, we recommend reviewing settings that impact account management and the donor experience.

Public information

These global settings define how your organization is referenced in various areas of the platform, and in emails sent from the platform.

Organization name

Confirm that your organization name appears as expected. This name will appear in various areas of the donor experience including Checkout, emails, and receipts.

Customer support email address

This email address is used as the default reply-to email address in emails. It is also added to the footer area of emails and included on receipt PDFs.

Website URL

The value included for this property defines the base URL used to launch Checkout. Ensure that the URL points to a website where the Fundraise Up installation script has been added.

Customer support phone number

The value for this property is automatically added to email footers and is included on receipt PDFs.


Confirm that the correct timezone for your organization is configured. The timezone value is used to generate fundraising insights, and is referenced by timestamp properties in Exports and integrations.

Organization logo

The image included here is used as the default logo for features like Checkout and Donor Portal. In some areas of the platform, you can override the use of this image using a separate image file.

  • Minimum resolution: 120 x 120px
  • Recommended resolution: 240 x 240px

Statement descriptor

This is the transaction identifier that will appear on a donor’s billing statement. Ensure that your statement descriptor is short and recognizable to avoid potential charge disputes by donors.

The statement descriptor has a maximum length of 22 characters.


Legal name

Include the full legal name of your organization as it appears on your incorporation documents. This value is referenced wherever the legal name of your organization is required to be shown.

Tax ID

Include the tax identification number for your organization. This value is displayed in emails and on receipt PDFs.

Legal address

Include the address for your organization that is listed on your incorporation or tax documents — whichever is more accurate. Your legal address is included on receipt PDFs.

Tax-exempt status checkbox

Check this box if your organization is a registered charity.

Tax exemption verification

Upload your organization’s proof of tax-exemption status. Typically, this is a document issued by your country’s governing body.

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