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Quickly sync all your Fundraise Up donor transactions and donors to see your data in your Neon CRM in real time.


Step 1—Link Your Fundraise Up Account to Your Neon CRM Account

Once you have your Fundraise Up account, go to integrations and enter your existing Neon CRM credentials.
Neon CRM Integration
Neon CRM Mapping

Step 2—Map Your Data Between Both Systems

Donations and supporter data is automatically mapped for you. Campaigns, funds, designations, and custom fields can either be auto mapped or you can use custom rules for mapping into your Neon CRM.
That's it!

See Fundraise Up Transactions in Your Neon CRM

Your donation data will automatically sync to Neon CRM and include donation and supporter details.
Neon CRM Dashboard

Fundraise Up can sync up to 100 donation and supporter data points including data from custom fields.


How much does it cost?
We have special pricing and white-glove onboarding for Neon CRM customers. Please be sure to mention your existing Neon CRM account when you speak to your customer specialist.
How long does setting up the integration take?
Assuming you already have Neon CRM account, once you have your Fundraise Up account set up (which can be done in minutes), it’s as simple as mapping some custom fields. You don’t need development resources as it is all drag and drop. Read more.
How can I get help if I need it?
We can set up a screen share and have one of our integration specialists help you.
Do I need to export or import anything?
Nope! Your donation data will be automatically synced with your Neon CRM shortly after each donation. This includes supporter information, one-time and recurring donation details and status, as well as any refunds or failed donations.
I see data in Fundraise Up that is not on your list for Neon CRM. How can I get that info?
Any data points that are collected but don’t have a home field in Neon CRM can be mapped to the notes sections in Neon CRM. You have the option to configure which of these data points you would like to see in Neon CRM.
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